Wage Slavery

I have read Ehlbeck column in the Daily Journal and must admit that once again we have pro business supporters trying to convince people wage slavery is just fine. Small businesses are not hurt by paying their employees minimum or a living wage. Small businesses are being trumped by larger franchise businesses.
There always seems to be an excuse from the Business Community to maintain slave labor and underpay workers. Most people who make a minimum wage cannot afford to put bread on the table, let alone afford to have a decent life. Most workers are barely holding their heads above water living in constant fear and anxiety.
It amazes me that most people who have businesses complain about paying workers a decent salary, when these same people have better quality of life. They live in palatial splendor, take exotic vacations. Most can put their kids through school with no problem.
Most economist admit that if trickle down economics didn’t worked, most workers would be paid $25 and hour.
I know some small business owners who complain as if they where in poverty themselves, yet each on could put their kids through charter schools, take expensive vacation, put food on the table with no problem.
NFIB is a protectionist organization who supports Business, but they are also people who support the Right in undermining our quality of life because people are too greedy to pay people decently.
Would Ms Laurie Ehlbeck support Universal Income so people can work and live aside from slave wages?
We should all weep for people who live a better quality of life than the rest.
The people who work for minimum wage or a few cents/dollars more per hour. Absent or inadequate are benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, paid sick time and such that many more well-off employers tend to take for granted. Because of hostile and low pay, workers have to face many obsticles in trying to survivie with out losing their homes. People must work even though they are sick bacuse of the hand to mouth existance people are forced to live in.
Even with two full-time jobs people cannot break out of the 44.1% of Americans who live on $34,999 or less a year. Many American may have to work three jobs just to make ends meet.
Working for such low pay also forces employees to work under conditions they shouldn’t, and often wouldn’t if they had proper benefits and/or salary. Employees come to work sick or injured, or return too soon after an illness or injury because they have insufficient sick leave. They let illness/injury go untreated because of inadequate, unaffordable or non-existent health insurance. They go years without dental care because they lack dental coverage.
I am not against small business or the American Dream, but for most someone else’s American Dream. is their American Nightmare.
According to one news report, many American are not living above 50.
With fear, worry, and anxiety, people who work for a living are an ends to a means. With so many business people making so much money, continuing poverty is an abomination.


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