Assassinated Socialists

It is painfully obvious that Socialists are assassinated because they wish to change the world for the better. Buddha himself was not assassinated but there have been several attempts on his life. Jesus suffered the Cross. In Modern times men like Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King where shot.

In Modern times leaders like. Sven Olaf Joachim Palme (Swedish: Olaf Palme; 30 January 1927 – 28 February 1986) was a Swedish politician. A longtime protege of Prime Minister Tage Erlander, Palme led the Swedish Social Democratic Party from 1969 to his assassination in 1986, and was a two-term Prime Minister of Sweden, heading a Privy Council Government from 1969 to 1976 and cabinet government from 1982 until his death. Electoral defeats in 1976 and 1979 marked the end of Social Democratic hegemony in Swedish politics, which had seen 40 years of unbroken rule by the party. While leader of opposition, he parted domestic and international interests and served as special mediator of the United Nations in the Iran–Iraq War, but returned to power as Prime Minister after stunning electoral victories in 1982 and 1985.

The night of his murder was one such occasion. Walking home from a cinema with his wife Lisbet Palme in the central Stockholm street Sveavägen, close to midnight on 28 February 1986, the couple was attacked by an assassin. Palme was fatally shot in the back at close range. A second shot was fired at Lisbet Palme, the bullet grazing her back. She survived without serious injuries.

Ylva Anna Maria Lindh (19 June 1957 – 11 September 2003) was a Swedish Social Democratic politician, chairman of the Social Democratic Youth League 1984-1990, member of parliament 1982-1985 and 1998-2003. Ascending to the government as minister of environment in 1994, she was elevated to minister for foreign affairs by prime minister Göran Persson in 1998 and was widely considered his designated successor as party chairman and prime minister (neither of which posts had ever been occupied by a woman), speculations that came to a brutal end upon her assassination in September 2003. Anna Lindh was married to Bo Holmberg, the governor of Södermanland, her home constituency for over twenty years, with whom she had two sons.

Norway’s Labor Party says a gunman opened fire at the party’s youth camp outside Oslo, shooting several people following the bomb blast at the government headquarters in the capital. It wasn’t immediately clear if the attacks were related. Labor spokesman Per Gunnar Dahl told the AP that a man dressed in a police uniform started shooting at youths assembled for the party’s annual youth camp at Utoya, an island outside Oslo. He said unconfirmed reports that five people were hit, and that “we don’t know how serious.”He said some 700 people, mostly teenagers between 14-18, were assembled for the camp.


n 20 August 1940, Leon Trotsky was attacked in his home in Mexico with an ice axe by undercover NKVDagent Ramón Mercader. The blow to Trotsky’s head was poorly delivered and failed to kill Trotsky instantly, as Mercader had intended. Witnesses stated that Trotsky spat on Mercader and began struggling fiercely with him. Hearing the commotion, Trotsky’s bodyguards burst into the room and nearly killed Mercader, but Trotsky stopped them, laboriously stating that the assassin should be made to answer questions.[69] Trotsky was taken to a hospital, operated on, and survived for more than a day, dying at the age of 60 on 21 August 1940 as a result of blood loss and shock.

People who have tried to better the world and work for humanity have always been targets of assassination


One thought on “Assassinated Socialists

  1. People who tried to better the world have been assassinated, and so have Pompey, Xerxes, Robert Kennedy, the Archduke Ferdinand, Admiral Darlan and Meyer Kahane

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