Social Equality

Any political organization should consider becoming and Equality organization. It seem like in the Left there are no plans and strategies to get us the and the divisiveness on the Left just alienates people in cultures of competition. An injury to one is an injury to all we say, but that doesn’t ring true.
A commonplace assumption about American workers is that they lack class consciousness. A major strategy should be economic equality. This would solve a lot of problems. People of all races and backgrounds should be In Solidarity to change the quality of life or many forms of discrimination and hate will continue. Perpetuating an affluent society would help (Living Wage, Universal Income, Social Democracy and Social Justice.)
The solidarity economy is often considered part of the social economy, forming what might be termed the “social and solidarity economy” . It aims to put right to injustice by expressing solidarity. For example, a local Co-op has a social and economic aim and so can be considered part of the social economy and fabric of the society. Social economy refers to a third sector in economies between the private sector and business or, the public sector and government. It includes organizations such as cooperatives, nonprofit organizations, and charities.
Economies may be considered to have three sectors:
1. the business private sector, which is privately owned and profit motivated; with sustainability, economy and ecology, with equity
2. the public sector which is owned by the citizens on behalf of the people of the area
3. the social economy, that embraces a wide range of community, voluntary and not-for-profit activities. And a multitude of employment and Universal Income self employment.

The social economy broadens economic activity and possibilities in the community, voluntary and social enterprise avenues. The economic activity, like any other economic enterprises, includes: employment, finance and investing, the occupation of real estate, social care and provisions.
The social economy needs to be develop because of a need to find new and innovative, cutting edge solutions to reinvigorate (because they are socially, economically or environmentally developed) and to satisfy the needs of workers and citizens which have been excluded or inadequately applied by the private or public arenas.
By using solutions to achieve at times not-for-profit aims, it is generally believed that the social economy has a distinct and valuable role to play in helping create a strong, sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive society.
Successful social economy organizations can play an important role in developing and development many crucial governmental policy objectives by:
・ helping to drive up productivity, cooperativeness and competitiveness;
・ contributing to socially inclusive wealth creation;
・ enabling citizens and communities to work towards community redevelopment
・ showing varied ways to deliver public services; and
・ helping to initiate a inclusive society.
We need to take racial and gender competition out of the fold and Unite ALL people in the struggle for a new world. We need to foster a culture of solidarity and cultivate self help and self ability among ALL people. Varied Socialist organizations realize this. The American Labor Party is an Equality Party.

Jiddu Krishnamurti – Sir, don’t bother about freedom. First see that you are in a prison: social prison, economic prison, political prison, religious prison, the prison which you have created yourself out of your own desire, out of your own ambition, out of your own fears and pleasures. When you understand your prison, the prison that thought both collectively and individually have created, the prison of our confusion, of our misery, of our suffering, understand that, look at it, go into it, see the structure and the nature of it, then out of that comes freedom. Then it is not a reward. A man who is seeking a reward is never free. Like a man who is always frightened of being punished, that is, fear and pleasure are our principle prisons. And a mind that understands it is really free.
Tino Rozzo-We are of various religious back grounds or free thinkers, we embrace the facts and a enlightened way most of all

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