Technology and Socialism

Eugene V Debs noted that if Corporations developed their patents, people would have to do dirty meaningless jobs and be free for leisure and work derived on their own terms.
Industrial capitalism goes on from evolution to evolution. It establishes itself in all countries, turning more and more of the world’s people into members of the working class. It exploits increasing amounts of the Earth’s resources for commodity production. It turns out a growing mass and range of products to distribute in the market place. It harnesses new inventions, techniques and methods to expand and speed up production and distribution, with automation. It pollutes, is wasteful and oppresses and underpays workers unless Unionized. Capitalism can be better in sustainable, co-operative, democratic instances.
When slave labor is available automation is delayed till cost effective, automation is about efficiency and reducing toil. But this is only the distorted capitalist measure of its cost, in which, to survive, every individual company must un-employ and impoverish its its workers. In social terms, as a means of using disposing past labor to supplement and ease the toil of machine labor, it. The potential of automation for post-capitalist, democratic society is vast. Computers and Robots offer many ways to eliminate the work, and work force deskilling labor.
The sort of socialism society needs has become possible with these developments is already a very different from that which was viewed in Marx’s time. One CEO commented the people having jobs in the future will be a rare exception.
The current model though is disastrous with the reduction of Unions, worker solidarity doesn’t exist in the work place, even fellow employees are hostile toward each other. Americans like modern Romans are materialistic, only care about sports, and have no concern for fellow man. Although Johan Galtung predicts Capitalism may be over in 20 years, an oppressive Orwellian State may evolve because Governments and people hate Democracy. In modern times the surveillance state is initiated.
Social ownership” may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, or citizen ownership of equity. There are many varieties of social democracy and there is no single method for all of them. They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets or planning.
With a Universal Income people can venture into Employment of aspiration rather then Employment of force. Based on a formula by Gilles Saint-Paul, an economist at Toulouse 1 University, the demand for unskilled human capital declines at a slower rate than the demand for skilled human capital increases. In the long run and for society as a whole it has led to cheaper products, lower average work hours, and new industries forming (I.e, robotics industries, computer industries, sustainable eco industries). These new industries provide many high salary skill meaningful jobs to free people so they could be themselves and contribute to society on their own terms.
The elimination of poverty I the main goal. The impact of leisure on quality of life, health, physical activity and stress free, and overall happiness and health The social significance of leisure, I especially for contemporary society, technology, the environment, economics, and politics and social democracy The factors that influence each individual’s leisure choices and level of involvement in leisure activities, such as awareness of local development; removal of barriers of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic position will develop freedom and liberty for all.
The future depends on us and where we place government, a military corporate government mean further unemployment, slave labor, poverty, horrible education. Social distortions will continue. So will wars, secret governments, corporate crimes, and greedy politicians. There is no advocacy of Utopia, but realistically knowing the work place evolves. Te world is always a changing place and man and women evolve and the situations and realities change with the time. During the Paterson Silk Mill Strikes new looms unemployed workers so silk could be loomed more faster and more efficiently.

The only freedom which deserves the name, is that of pursuing our own good in our own way, so long as we do not attempt to deprive others of theirs, or impede their efforts to obtain it. Of course work and efforts will always exist, and we can occupy our selves our own way.”

John Stuart Mill


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