Sustainable Communities

The Socilaits International met in Brazil to discuss sustainability. Sustainability is not just about achieving business goals; it also relates to concepts such as social justice and socioeconomics. Sustainability tasks clear, doable, and supported by committed partners, it encourages coalitions, organizations, and communities to focus their issues, strategies, goals, and resources on policies that aim the quality of life.
When studying other communities, it isn’t just about business per say, It is about developing alternatives to current modes of conformity.
This means real out of the box ideas. Like public enterprise with and investment to build a Community chest for self-reliance and empowerment. One method that works is Eco Industries.
Inspired by the theory of industrial. Ecology, eco-towns or eco-industrial parks are frequently promoted in many localities as a strategy for reducing the environmental burden of industry in a way that is consistent with economic development. Yet the reach of those eco-approaches
are limited to traditional manufacturing industries concentrated in urban areas. With a City Investment and partnership the city can produce an income that would allow cities to prosper
and have money not available from the state or federal government.
The theory behind the benefits of eco-industrial clusters is based on the economies of scale, sound resource use and the availability of human capital. As firms physically congregate into one region, there are overflows of knowledge, technology and people. Sustainability also means smart growth and Livable Communities. This includes better opportunities for pay, developing an independent economic council that helps build the economy. Also, it means rent control, affordable housing and amending the social needs of the Community.
Also, there probably be initiative toward worker owned co-operatives, In Burlington, Vermont and other Communities have made economic come backs by invigorating there communities with Co-ops.
Studies show that employee ownership increases employment, productivity, sales, and wages in the United States. When employees own their own companies, when they work for themselves, when they are involved in the decision-making that impacts their jobs, workers become more motivated, absenteeism goes down, worker productivity goes up, and people stay on the job for a longer period of time. Social, manufacturing, and Agricultural Co-ops have made Communities prosper.
This is something that bas to be done right.
Sustainable Industries must be done with the initiative that we are demographically the best area, State, US, and International Companies could working in tandem in this development.
With the right consultation and the right method of development, Cities can emerge economically healthy.The notion of livable, sustainable communities (With rent control or affordable housing) entertains, equality, equity, and ecology.
If you wonder about sustainable industries, when you go to the supermarket, Ben and Jerry’s and Stoneyfield Yogurt are two famous companies operating in the USA

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