Global Hegemony

Hegemony is an indirect form of imperial dominance in which the hegemony (ruler state) rules geopolitically sub-ordinate states by the implied means of power, the threat of the threat, rather than by direct financial force. In Ancient Greece (8th c. BC – AD 6th c.), hegemony denoted the politico–military dominance of a city-state over other city-states.
ruling class refers to the social class of a given society that decides upon and sets that society’s political policy by an agenda that there is one such particular class in the given society, and then appointing itself as that class.
Today there is a ruling class in a particular sector of the upper class that adheres to quite specific circumstances: it has both the most material wealth and the most widespread influence over all the other classes, and it chooses to actively exercise that power to shape the direction of a locality, a country, and/or the world.
In the praxis of hegemony, imperial dominance is established by means of cultural imperialism, whereby the leader state (hegemony) dictates the internal politics and the societal character of the sub-ordinate states that constitute the hegemonic sphere of influence; either by an internal, sponsored government or by an external, installed government. The imposition Plutocratic Oligarchy — an imperial lingua franca language and bureaucracies (social, economic, educational, governing all spheres)
The New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a global agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which replaces sovereign democratic nation and dispenses democracy all together.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) that the turmoil in the eurozone would act as a major weight on international commerce during The collapse in domestic demand in the euro periphery is a major weight for the UK because of Britain’s close trade links. In 2011, exports to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland totaled £40.6bn in goods only – 14% of total UK exports and far greater than UK exports to China and Hong Kong (£14.7bn).
World trade is unfair as it stands, with massive subsidies and market distortions making the world’s poor poorer for the sake of the rich. Labor does get exploited. But the answer isn’t to destroy the one multilateral avenue for negotiating improvements in world trade.”
The World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund has taken over world governments, which mean social programs become impossible, social justice is not a priority, nor is democracy or free choices become impossible.
In Stephan Bindman’s book Pseudo Capitalism Socialism For The Rich”, I experienced a series of emotions. It should inspire us to participate more fully in the democratic process as Occupied should be doing. Dr. Bindman’s book helps to lift the veil over the corrupt practice of Imperialism. Handouts by our elected officials, the privatization of public property for personal profit, and the rampant decline of economic fairness in Washington.
Like modern Rome, our politicians have been bought off.
Feudalistic states are developing globally. Perhaps the struggle for democracy will develop into a junta. There are so many laws and economic conditions against the people I think people know they are powerless. It is too easy to blame Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal for austerity. No government in the world controls its own destiny.
Democracy exposes contradictory opinions and views. It reminds us of our collective intelligence and our collective ignorance. We don’t all like each other and don’t think we should have to act like we do. We don’t have good practices for open communication and decision making across 310 million people.


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