The Broad Left

There is an entire spectrum of political parties, organizations and groups which consider themselves to be socialist or have origins in leftist Social Democratic and Labor movements. You will find democratic socialists, communists, social democratic and green parties, Marxists-Leninists, Stalinist or Maoist persuasions, the tendencies of Trotskyism, leftist movements struggling for emancipation of the people and desire a change that is for the people. This doesn’t always work out and the broad spectrum of leftist especially confuse Americans. Lets look at these groups and what they mean and operate.

Democratic Socialism/Social Democracy: Democratic socialism is a description used by various historians to describe the ideal of socialism in an established democracy. A Concern for Human Rights, Labor, Poverty, Health Care. Not completely disposing of Capitalism. But getting rid of its horrible aspects. Public Ownership economic principal. Wishes to establish a true democracy. Supports free and open elections.
Failures: Doesn’t full fill it Socialist ideology or desires. Many are still expecting a war on poverty for example.
Robert Owen, Pierre Leroux, Martin Luther King, John Stuart Mill, Albert Einstein.
Countries: Norway, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, Bolivia.

Communism: A broad range in itself. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. Free-access to the articles of consumption is made possible by advances in technology that allow for abundance. The means of production are commonly-owned, meaning no entity or individual owns productive property. Importance is ascribed to “user ship” over “ownership”. Perpetuates a Government owned economics.
Failure: Many, encompassing human rights abuses, totalitarian and authoritarian governments. Adapting to Communism is like trading off one 1% for another even worse 1%. Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky.
Countries: Belarus, North Korea, Vietnam

Liberals. Some socialist, many weakly socialist. Progressive and populist. Political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, Supports Capitalism as much as Conservatives.
Failures; Often the “Fake Left.” Many American Liberals today reflect 1980’s Reaganism. Betrays labor and The poor. Never delivers the goods on Democracy or Social initiatives.
Liberals would consist of Franklin D Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy,

Warts and all Democratic Socialism works best. Communist groups are very controlling and wish to establish a Socialist State. Socialist Democrats (Democratic Socialists) reject that notion. SDers believe the Socialism leads to Democracy while Communists believe that Democracy leads to Communism.

Since most American cannot think, and Right Wing reactionaries label socialism as the Illumnati that wishes to rule the world, this shows how even on a basic level Americans are politically illiterate if not ignorant. Socialism is vilified in the media everyday and People who don’t care about facts, they believe what they see and hear on TV and Radio.


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