Most people think Socialists hate Capitalism. Many do, because Capitalism performs atrocities  on society.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So the saying goes. Opponents of Capitalism like to claim that the poor suffer because the rich are constantly increasing their wealth and using it to oppress the poor. They see the successful as a parasite somehow living off the suffering of the unsuccessful.

Not to mention workers are oppressed, the poor are driven into further poverty, secret government manipulate foreign government causing atrocities like genocide, and colonialism. Capitalism is not democracy, it is an economic system.

Look at food manufacturing, under nutritious foods, livestock abuse, poising crops, unhealthy food franchises.  Not to mention political and industrial greed. volumes can be written on the evils of Capitalism.

But not all socialists against Capitalism. In Western Europe, there is fairness in the work place, purity laws protect there the food, Socialist International Parties have developed free art, free elections, National Health Care. It is nota  perfect system. But it works. The Party of European Socialists (currently in opposition), have developed impoverished lands. In Italy, Calabria Provence has a new air port, university, increasing tourism, and exports. This has changed from a vast wasteland.

All SI parties want is a fair and equitable system with a developing real and true democracy.

Social democracy is officially a reformist democratic socialist political ideology which supports a mixed economy and a welfare state based upon a publicly-funded social safety net. Social democracy supports social rights for citizens to universal access to public services such as: workers’ compensation, universal health care and universal education, and other services such as child care and care for the elderly. Social democracy is connected with the trade union labour movement and supports collective bargaining rights for workers. Contemporary social democracy initiates freedom from discrimination based on differences of: ability/disability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, and gender.  What American liberal stood for and now betray.

A friend owns a pasta factory, his pasta is real-nutritious, and he wishes to sell his pasta. Why not? People who have good ideas should be supported in business. No pollution, organic, artisan in style. And he treats his workers well. Nothing wrong with that.

Has anyone heard of worker owned co-ops, Employee stock options, public works? How a bout a business development fund better than the SBA.

In the Co-operative Common Wealth, Gronlund purports all should be able to use their genius and talents.  With Communism we trade one 1% for an even worse other 1%.


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