Where The ALP Stands Now

Economic Justice:
Implement major domestic Eco jobs and infrastructure programs
Workers’ right to organize
End incentives for U.S. companies to send jobs overseas
Enact a Graduated Progressive tax that will curb reckless speculation and provide revenue for job creation, job training, Universal Income and education
End the tax cuts for the wealthy
Compassionate and rational immigration reform
End to subsidies for oil and gas companies and Corporate Welfare
Free education through four years of college or equivalent as a right
Protect public investments by opposing and reversing the privatization
Institute full labor rights and work place democracy, Co-ops, ESOPS, and other means.
Environmental Justice:
Enforce employee and environmental safeguards in trade agreements
Ban the Canada-to-Mexico tar sands pipeline and mountain top removal
Enhance air and water quality protections by strengthening the EPA
Take aggressive action and leadership on the climate crisis and the environment
Social and Civic Justice:
Affordable universal health care through Improved Medicare for All
An end to the wars; reduce the military budget and redirect money to a social economy
Endorse Marriage equality
Fight race and gender discrimination
Treat substance abuse within a public health framework rather than as a criminal matter
Repeal the PATRIOT Act
Abolish corporate personhood and implement campaign finance reform to end the Publicly Funded Campaigns, term limitations, fre and open elections with ballot access.


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