The Living Income People Must Accept

There seems to be a problem selling the universal income to many  feel that  is not affordable, and many do not realize its importance. Critics Even liberals, have a hard time accepting that we need this.

Many are to entrenched in the work ethic, believe that jobs are a plenty or will be one day.

People do not realize that Jobs are disappearing, adequate pay is disappearing. Even CEOs admit one day people have jobs will be in a distinct minority. In a state such as Kuwait, class based on private property and wealth becomes less important than the power of access to the state that distributes the large (oil) revenues. Although Kuwait is a wealthy country and poverty is almost non-existent, there are still important divisions within society. Economic democracy” requires that all citizens have sufficient resources to make not coerced economic decisions. This requires a UBI so people can turn down undesired jobs.

While some new types of jobs are emerging, it is a myth that in developed societies such as the USA, adequately paid employment is available for all.  Economists at the University of California who have looked at the current job scene and calculated which of those jobs can be done elsewhere for less suggests that nearly one in nine of all US jobs are vulnerable to being outsourced. That’s a staggering 14 million white-collar jobs. The 2004 UC report predicts that, by 2015, approximately 3.5 million white-collar jobs representing $151 billion in wages will move overseas. By the end of this year, the report sees 830,000 jobs leaving.  The real problem is that American’s are isolated or believe myth and fairytales. That jobs and  everything will all come back and we will live in the 1050 and 1960’s again.

Martin Luther King said:


am now convinced that the simplest approach will prove to be the most effective — the solution to poverty is to abolish it directly by a now widely discussed measure: the guaranteed income.

How do we convince people about the Universal Income, it is a hard sell because people are not accepting of ideas, let alone Single Payer National Health Care, people who have it good or maintain their lives do not feel distress. People usually lean when something is happening ton them. They barely commiserate or care about others, until something comes into their lives that .

It is always the same story, there is a tale of a conservative who argues we didn’t need National Health Care. He was diagnosed with cancer and had to pay a fortune for his health care. In the end he  was wiped out financial and wonder what happened to all those programs he voted against. When he died. His wife lost the house and was living in a car.

Our nation’s adjustment to a new mode of thinking will be facilitated if we realize that for nearly forty years two groups in our society have already been enjoying a guaranteed income. Indeed, it is a symptom of our confused social values that these two groups turn out to be the richest and the poorest. The wealthy who own securities have always had an assured income; and their polar opposite, the relief client, has been guaranteed an income, however miniscule, through welfare benefits.

In America we have a Empathy and Commiseration gap. Many still believe that people should be in poverty and slave labor should continue. Liberals are not even liberals anymore, they seem like Reagan Republicans.

With a Universal Income, many will not be obedient  to the system of welfare. Which is a form of slavery.  No one is entertaining the lower hour work week, living wage. People seem to have a insensitivity to those who are relegated to the bottom. We seem to have developed a caste system and pecking order that shows we despise democracy, human rights, and ideas that would lend solutions.


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