War and Money

What ever happened to World Peace, where we not seeking The War to End All Wars? Now we are a warrior nation. Eisenhower in his Cross of Gold speech SAID:” One day the military Industrial Complex and Oilmen will crucify the worker on a Cross of Gold.”

Here is what our Military Jumta is dong:

The hundreds of the records are missing.’ 29 Jan 2012 The U.S. Defense Department cannot account for about $2 billion it was given to cover Iraq-related expenses and is not providing Iraq with a complete list of U.S.-funded reconstruction [sic] projects, according to two new government audits. The reports come from the office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. The Iraqi government in 2004 gave the Department of Defense access to about $3 billion to pay bills for certain contracts, and the department can only show what happened to about a third of that, the inspector general says in an audit published Friday.

Navy sending commando ‘mothership’ to Middle East 27 Jan 2012 The Pentagon is rushing to send a large floating base for commando teams to the Middle East as tensions rise with Iran, ‘al-Qaeda’ in Yemen and Somali pirates, among other threats. In response to requests from U.S. Central Command, which oversees military operations in the Middle East, the Navy is converting an aging warship it had planned to decommission into a makeshift staging base for the commandos. Unofficially dubbed a “mothership,” the floating base could accommodate smaller high-speed boats and helicopters commonly used by Navy SEALs, procurement documents show.

Pentagon Seeks Mightier Bomb vs. Iran 28 Jan 2012 Pentagon war planners have concluded that their largest conventional bomb isn’t yet capable of destroying Iran’s most heavily fortified underground facilities, and are stepping up efforts to make it more powerful, according to U.S. officials briefed on the plan. The 30,000-pound “bunker-buster” bomb, known as the Massive Ordnance Penetrator, was specifically designed to take out the hardened fortifications built by Iran and North Korea to cloak their [alleged] nuclear programs. Doubts about the MOP’s effectiveness prompted the Pentagon this month to secretly submit a request to Congress for funding to enhance the bomb’s ability to penetrate deeper into rock, concrete and steel before exploding, the officials said.

Fmr. Homeland Security Sec Ridge calls for Regime Change in Iran 28 Jan 2012 “Regime change, regime change, regime change.” That is what Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge (R-Bush/Home Depot wh*re) said Saturday in an interview with Fox News, referring to the Obama Administration’s need to take action against Iran. A United Nations nuclear agency team is traveling to Tehran to investigate the progress of the country’s uranium enrichment. Ridge, the former governor of Pennsylvania warned that inaction from the administration could be detrimental to our U.S. long term security, in recent Fox News op-ed.

Obama administration using loophole to quietly sell arms package to Bahrain 27 Jan 2012 President Barack Obama’s administration has been delaying its planned $53 million arms sale to Bahrain due to human rights concerns and congressional opposition, but this week administration officials told several congressional offices that they will move forward with a new and different package of arms sales —


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