20012 State of the Union Address

The State of the Union Speech delivered by Barack Obama Tuesday smatters as a further milestone in the decay of American hopes and dreams.
Mmedia pundits call this a “populist appeal” by the Democratic president, effectively kicking off his reelection campaign, there was virtually nothing in the speech that even acknowledged the severe social crisis in America, let alone offering no solution. Proving Obama is a imperialist,
the sickening appeals to national unity and militarism. More cheerleading
The new depression years offer the biggest financial collapse since the Great Depression, the US economy remains mired in slump and the world economy is rapidly approaching a new cataclysm. Yet neither Obama nor his Republican opponents can acknowledge the overriding fact being experienced by hundreds of millions of working people: the desperate crisis of the capitalist system.
The Wall Street crash of 2008 plunged the country into a social crisis: mass unemployment, increasing poverty, the collapse of local and state government budgets, the shutdown of public services, the spread of hunger and homelessness. Yet for both Obama and the Republicans, the only solution proposed is to increase the profits of American corporations at the expense of the working class. Every so-called “job-creation” measure proposed by Obama was, in reality, a tax break or government subsidy for corporate America.
Obama’s speech not only slciked over the causes and results of the 2008 collapse, but entirely avoided any mention of the bloating financial crisis in Europe, which threatens to break up the euro zone, with incalculable consequences for the EU.
White House demand that auto workers take a 50 percent pay cut, along with the destruction of tens of thousands of jobs, major cuts in pension and health benefits for retired workers, and a ban on strike action, solidified the role of the United Auto Workers union as the company police force inside the plants.
While auto workers paid the price, the auto bosses reaped the profits.

Obama Stated:

“Today, General Motors is back on top as the world’s number one automaker,” Obama boasted, “the American auto industry is back.”
He continued with the following extraordinary words: “What’s happening in Detroit can happen in other industries. It can happen in Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Raleigh.” This statement should be taken as a threat to the jobs, living standards and democratic rights of every worker in the United States.
He made a brief reference to the 2008 financial crash, admitting that the banks were to blame, mainly for the purpose of excusing himself and his administration of responsibility. The president then announced that he had just ordered the attorney general—four years after the fact—to “expand our investigations into the abusive lending and packaging of risky mortgages that led to the housing crisis.” This election-year stunt will likely send no Wall Street CEOs to jail. It will fool only those who want to be fooled.
Obama emphasized that his social policies on education and health care were based firmly on the capitalist market and reiterated his commitment to further drastic cuts in social spending. He cited the deal he reached last summer with House Speaker John Boehner to slash funding for Medicare and Social Security in return for slightly higher taxes on the wealthy, which was derailed by opposition from the House Republican caucus.
He forgets to mention how he threw us under a bus during National Single Payer Health Care and said’ You get Health Care, get hit by a bus, and go to the Hospital for a Free lunch“.
The president repeatedly beat the drums for economic nationalism, focusing particularly on China as an alleged practitioner of predatory trade practices.
In the course of a long paean to American military strength and foreign policy “successes” like the overthrow and murder of Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi, Obama cited “the enduring power of our moral example.” Actually, under Obama even more than Bush, America is identified with a policy of global bullying and Mafioso tactics with murder, carried out by drones, death squads and hired assassins.
In final analysis, he is no different from Reagan. The Bushes, or Clinton.


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