Corporate Work Place

In America the joke would be going to work is like leaving America for
8 hours. And Human Rights Watch determines most workers have no rights
in the work place.  We owe that to the Democrats and Republicans who
are in the back pockets of there owners who invest in their campaigns.
What the system does is make people atomized and fearful. Security is
out of the question because we live in a cold cruel capitalist dog eat
dog society with no respect for no one
It is determined that the happiest employees work for Co-operatives
and Democratic Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPS) That the Peace
Dividend never took effect and the better jobs where never created.
Teenagers should be doing many of these jobs, but adults should have
progressed for something better. This never happened.   Between
outsourcing, downsizing, and a future jobless society anyone lucky
enough to get 40 hours, is stuck where they are at low paying mindless
mind numbing jobs.
Hostile and negative work environments become the norm because the
employers know they have us where they want us and they have full
advantage. There are solutions. in one way we can create jobs with
justice for adults, with a living wage and guaranteed workers rights.
A Thirty Two Hour work week so jobs can be made buy anyone who wants,
perpetuate a  mixed economy, and introduce the livable, unconditional
Basic Income for all. I saw a sign at the occupied movement saying I
lost my job and gained an occupation, people do work they are not even
paid for. Ask any mother. People are creative enough to create their
own work.
We need to create a livable future and a real alternative. It would be
nice of the occupied movement had leadership, solidarity, and a way (a
Political Party). There are answers, we need the courage to perpetuate


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