Trygve Martin Bratteli

Trygve Martin Bratteli (11 January 1910 – 20 November 1984) was a Norwegian politician from the Socialist Interntaional aligned Labour Party and Prime Minister of Norway in 1971–1972 and 1973–1976.

He was born in Nøtterøy, where he attended primary (grammar) school. He was unemployed for some time, he worked as a messenger, a whaler, and construction worker. Named as secretary of the Labor Party’s crisis committee during the Nazi invasion of Norway, he was arrested by the Germans in 1942, and was a Nacht und Nebel prisoner of various German concentration camps from 1943 to 1945>? Luckily he survived. He was liberated from Vaihingen an der Enz concentration camp on 5 April 1945 by the White Buses along with 15 other Norwegians who had survived..

After returning to Norway in 1945, he became chairman of the Workers’ Youth League, vice chairman of the party, served on the newly formed defense commission, and in 1965 he was made chairman of the Labor Party. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from Oslo in 1950, and was re-elected on seven occasions.

He was appointed Minister of Finance in Oscar Torp’s cabinet, and from 1956 to 1960 in the third cabinet of Einar Gerhardsen. From 1960 to 1963, still during Gerhardsen’s third period as Prime Minister, he was Minister of Transport and Communications. He was also acting Minister of Finance from January to February 1962. In September 1963, when Gerhardsen’s fourth cabinet was formed, Bratteli was again made Minister of Transport and Communications, a post he held until 1964.

The centre-right cabinet of Borten held office from 1965 to 1971, but when it fell, Bratteli became Prime Minister. Central to his political career was the question of Norway’s membership of the European Union. Following the close rejection of membership in the 1972 referendum, his cabinet resigned. However, the successor cabinet Korvald only lasted one year, and the second cabinet Bratteli was formed following the Norwegian parliamentary election, 1973. It was succeeded by another Labor cabinet Nordli in 1976.

Trygve Bratteli wrote a number of autobiographical and political books. His memoirs about his time in German concentration camps – Prisoner in Night and Fog – became a bestseller in Norway.

Trygve Bratteli was married to Randi Bratteli. Their children are Ola Bratteli, professor of mathematics, and Marianne Bratteli, an artist.


Party Leaders:

Christopher Hornsrud (1928: 26 January – 15 February)

Johan Nygaardsvold (1935–1945)

Einar Gerhardsen (1945–1951)

Oscar Torp (1951–1955)

Einar Gerhardsen (1955–1963)

Einar Gerhardsen (1963–1965)

Trygve Bratteli (1971–1972, 1973–1976)

Odvar Nordli (1976–1981)

Gro Harlem Brundtland (4 February – 14 October 1981, 1986–1989, 1990–1996)

Thorbjørn Jagland (1996–1997)

Jens Stoltenberg (2000–2001, 2005 – present)

Party leaders

Votes to the Labor Party in the 2009 election, by county

The Labor Party’s number of seats in parliament by county after the 2009 election

Anders Andersen (1887–88)

Hans G. Jensen (1888–89)

Christian Holtermann Knudsen (1889–90)

Carl Jeppesen (1890–92)

Ole Georg Gjøsteen (1892–93)

Gustav A. Olsen-Berg (1893–94)

Carl Jeppesen (1894–97)

Ludvig Meyer (1897–1900)

Christian Holtermann Knudsen (1900–03)

Christopher Hornsrud (1903–06)

Oscar Nissen (1906–11)

Christian Holtermann Knudsen (1911–18)

Kyrre Grepp (1918–22)

Emil Stang jr. (1922–23)

Oscar Torp (1923–45)

Einar Gerhardsen (1945–65)

Trygve Bratteli (1965–75)

Reiulf Steen (1975–81)

Gro Harlem Brundtland (1981–92)

Thorbjørn Jagland (1992–2002)

Jens Stoltenberg (2002–present)


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