Socialists, Not Communists

The American Labor Party has attended the Occupy Wall St rallies in big ways. One assessment we made was that there is no solidarity amongst varied factions. That is the bad news, the good news is that we need to foster solidarity in a way hat these people will gravitate toward Socialism.
The big concern is the appearance of Communist groups. We are not Capitalists in the ALP, but we certainly oppose Communism also. We would like the 99%ers to adapt to the ALP. Democratic Socialism fights for Democracy.
The lecture we listened too on Communism told us that, the do not support open and free elections. That the Communist State, would deliver and be the only vehicle. I, disagree. Democratic Socialism fights for Democracy and free and open elections. We are not fighting for a socialist state as we are a better civilization and free choices.
The common chords would be national health care, a living wage, workers rights, jobs with justice, Universal Income, and a few others.
The idea of a Communist Revolution means that there would be a central committee. The “politbureau” would make all the decisions. It seem like a non democracy trading off masters, from Capitalism to Communism.
We disagree with Marx; it is not Democracy that’s leads to socialism, but socialism that leads to democracy. And what we aim for is a true democracy.
The American Labor Party is a party aligned with the Labor and Socialist International. 12 of the happiest countries in the world host governments that have elected a Social Democratic, Labor, Or Socialist Party to office.
Communists would argue we are bourgeois socialists. But than again Marx said Socialism would be fought for by the bourgeois.
The ALP believes in a radical democracy. Where people control there own lives and institutions are democratically controlled. Although we fight capitalism, we are not out to destroy it because trade, commerce and industry are hallmarks of civilization. We fight a Revolution for democratic change which excludes statist control.
The 99% needs a solidarity party that will fight poverty, bring jobs with justice and workers rights. A Universal Income with a sustainable livable future.
The old joke goes, during the revolution. ‘ Comrades, when the revolution is over we will all eat peach pie.” The man replies, Comrade, I do not like peach pie.” The Party Chief replies; “Comrade after the revolution we will all like peach pie.”
In the ALP and SI parties we pass on that. We fight for a Democratic Revolution, not a communist/so called socialist state where the government owns everything, even you. Capitalism is horrible, but Communism is even worse. Sorry to say, we see the world as a Democratic future, where you will be able to actuate the person you really are.


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