The Cost of This War

The $2 trillion number — the sum of the current and future budgetary costs along with the economic impact of lives lost in action , employment meaningful work and oil prices driven higher by a military and corporate welfare economy. With the poltics of fear and worry of America and our allies enemies.

Millions of men and women volunteered (voluntarily or otherwise) from civilian lives, millions of people -years of industrial effort, millions of barrels of oil pumped from the earth, and thousands of square yards of planet space filled with equipment and debris. In short, the real cost of military activities should be measured in human and natural resources and in the funds of productive capital absorbed in producing, transporting, and maintaining weapons and other military endeavors. It is in the sense of alternative opportunities lost that military spending should be noticed — the numbers of people employed by the military, the goods and services it purchases from the private sector, the real estate involved, and the technology devoted to it. Not only do we lose the opportunity for civilian economic development and opportunities, but we also lose the potential economic change and prosperity that these resources might have brought about.
The foundation of every nation’s economic growth, is eroded by the relentlessly predatory effects of the military economy. Traditional economic competence of every sort is being eroded by the state capitalist directorate that elevates inefficiency into a national purpose, that disables the market system, that destroys the value of the currency, and that diminishes the decision power of all institutions other than its own.
the budget of the Department of Defense each year exceeds the net profits of all U.S. corporations. So, in finance capital terms, that means that the management of that budget controls the largest single block of finance capital resources.
We are about at the limit of where it is practicable to make anything inventiveness in the way of weapons.. We don’t really know what to do with our sophisticated engineers and scientists, in terms of the ordinary daily needs of people.

“We have killed over a million innocent people in these wars and made millions more homeless,” said the former Navy hospital corpsman and VFP President Mike Ferner, adding “Millions of Americans are out of work and literally out in the cold. Clearly, our war economy values empire and death over jobs and real security. We are taking a stand for peace. The troops, mercenaries and drones must come home now!”

At the same time that President Obama was announcing the qualified “success” of the war in Afghanistan, hundreds rallied with Veterans For Peace (VFP) at the White House calling on the administration to “Stop These Wars.”

All wars are based in the politics of fear. The “They hate America and want us dead strategy works. The military knows psychological cheerleading. “What will we do about America enemies? Easy, leave them alone and they’ll leave us alone.”

The peace dividend is a political slogan popularized by US President George H.W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the early 1990s, purporting to describe the economic benefit of a decrease in defense spending. This of course never happened.

“Once there was a boy walking on a trail. He came upon a nasty, menacing nest of wasps. He stood there and thought about hitting the nest with a rock. Then he figured, why not leave them alone, they may get angry an sting him. So, he just turned and walked away.
You know what happened to the boy? Nothing. He didn’t even get stung.”


One thought on “The Cost of This War

  1. I’d like to add a comment, another face of the lost opportunities/lost gains Tino describes. Our people have been abandoned in a morals-free space, policed by a media that is either corrupt like the Murdoch holdings, or pandering in fear to the need for “patriotism”.

    The second line in defense of more Vietnams, more Iraqs, more torture and assassination, are our volunteer SS, the pure products of America who have been driven mad by their innocent acceptance of the official government message.

    The nation has dealt pain and blood in quantities out of proportion to the injury it received in 2001. All proportionality was lost when our government spokespeople and media cheerleaders failed to observe that the September 11 hijackers were all quite dead, and instead proceeded as if they were alive and on holiday in Iraq.

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