Socialist Not Liberal

Liberals in America are not leftists. They are Capitalists. Like their Conservative counter parts. Liberals in America are particularly phony. They vote for Republicans, do not believe in a multi party system, and introduce social programs that cater to corporations rather than human need.

Liberals also obsess on jobs and competition, and that biggest myth of all The American Dream.

First, the work ethic is bull to begin with. The work ethic wasn’t conceived until the 19th century when bosses paid ministers to preach it at the pulpits for the bosses benefit.

We could agree on a work ethic, but subscribe to our own standard of application.

Second, jobs: No one wants to admit we are heading into a jobless society. This is due to automation and robotics.

Third, The American Dream: We need a new one. The new dream hosts sustainability, livability, and Co-operation.

We do not live in a Democracy because we live in a two party system. Ballot access is oppressive, and there are no strong alternative parties. There is no such thing as stealing votes, people vote their will.

When is the last time we heard liberals speak of the war on poverty? The Universal Income? We need jobs with justice rather than the slavery of welfare to work.

The Democrats in New Jersey introduced The Family Leave Act, which no one can use since you get ¾ of your pay. One must use their sick days and vacation days. This isn’t the case in Europe. You get your family leave with full pay. Your vacation and sick days are still yours. Liberals are not Socialists because they betray us on all the social programs.

The Democrats had two years to do something. When Clinton was President and now Obama, they threw away their opportunities because they squandered them on frivolous matters.

Once again the Republicans get elected and reelected only to destroy hope even further.

The Democrats have let us down for the past 40 years because money means more to them than us and they are just as elitist as the Republicans. America is in its most horrific political danger in years. The class war heats up with Voter restrictions, welfare for the rich. Now they want us to back Unions. What about regular laborers. Union have let us down before. They have betrayed workers time and time again. We do need Union reform. The AFL-CIO in NJ backs a Republican congressman, who in 1998 passed a pro sweatshop bill. This Bill also allowed for salting-The hire of non-union workers in construction sites. Yet year after year the AFL-CIO supports this anti labor Republican .

The Unions have frequently been voted out of many places because of there lack of worker support.

The Liberals in America have betrayed us and any new idea or even old ones, that set people free and allow people to control their own lives is out of the question. Because the Democrats believe in controlling people. This includes Slave Labor and indenturment to the welfare system. OK poor people here comes that hand up-keep waiting, ten to twenty years that may happen. And it may happen after you die.

Now because the Republicrat compromise, millions of jobs will be lost. More military spending. More perpetuating the warfare state. And it is our fault because we will not stand up for our selves. We will not revolt. No can we make requests. We are too comfortable to revolt. And we keep electing people who will never do the job. It is all about money and our nations owners.

2 thoughts on “Socialist Not Liberal

  1. Me, have two legs, two feet and bleed a deep red. That makes me a human like all of us. We are confusing, we are not packages or products to be branded xyz. Me, care enough about other humans to step out and get hurt with what my thoughts are, and how i feel. Do not know what you wish to call me- have been called all most everything. Never thought my views were or are the only ones, share them to allow us to grow and search for a better place in which to be some what content with what we are.

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