We Never Learn

The sale of New Jersey Network shows the the Republicans are serious cultural warriors. The Republicans and conservatives hate anything for the people.. So why did New Jersians vote for Chrtistie and put him in Office? Because New Jersey and Americans are the dumbest voters.
People will believe anything that a politicians say if he is speaking about Jobs, Lower Taxes, and less government.. Pople choose hobby horse issues and vote on them. And above all Americans really do not care about Democracy.
Everyone should have learned when Reagan and Gov Whitman where in office. The Republicans attack libraries, Public Television, raise taxes create more government, and disregard civil liberties and civil rights.
American voters truly cannot think. They don’t even know half of anything relating to political science and when told the facts, When told about the facts American reject what they are told and wish for the facts to be re interpreted. Americans see fact as anything they believe. Facts are how things truly are and how they exist.
We tend to forget that the Republicans and Democrats are like Killer Whales and the rest of us are like Penguins. Killer Whales play with Penguins, getting them to believe they are playful and friendly. Then after a bit the Killer Whales eat the fooled penguins.
Representational Democracy can work if we rid of oppressive ballot access laws and make elections public so politicians are not owned by their investors. America has the best government money can by.
government by the people; the rule of the majority. There is no precise definition of democracy on which all could agree. Even communist countries tend to call themselves democratic, and the mere fact that a government is elected by a majority of the popular vote does not of itself guarantee a democracy. This is called Democratic Centralism, which is no Democracy at all.
Participation by the mass of people in the decisions that shape their lives; government by majority rule, with recognition of the rights of minorities; freedom of speech, press, and assembly; freedom to form opposition political parties and to run for office; commitment to individual dignity and to equal opportunities for people to develop their full potential.
This is shunned in America. The Socialist International and Socialist parties in Europe freed the electorate in Europe, and though politics is still dirty and unfair at times. In Europe Democracy now works better than in the United States.
And The Party of European Socialists wish to form a more Social Europe. Europe will be far ahead of us in Democracy. American cannot tell the difference between Socialism either. American have no idea that Socialism goes from Left to Center to Far left. Socialism has as man branches as Christians have denominations. Americans cling to Capitalism thinking they are going to get rich, the narcissism of conservatives say they will invent something and get wealthy because the corporations will reward them . Watch the movie, “ A Flash of Genius” and you’ll see how corporations rip people off.
One day, American will wake up, but ti maybe too late. We need a Revolution, and a progressive one. . As long as Americans live in a state of political stupidity it’ll never happen. Americans are willing to let Democracy slip through their fingers because Americans are politically idiotic.


One thought on “We Never Learn

  1. “Representational Democracy can work…. There is no precise definition of democracy on which all could agree.”

    Nor is there a precise definition of “representational” or “work” on which all could agree, but we can agree that “representational” Democracy is as satisfying as representational sex, and that it works only as cheap entertainment.

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