Defining Socialism

There are many varieties of Socialism. Americans tend to be politically under educated and only except what they know from watching TV. Real political science is unstudied and shunned by Americans. Socialism has many varieties, lets look at them.

Democratic Socialism/Social Democracy:

Adhering to this branch, the ideology defined is Left to Center Socialism, which advocates and end to the worse eliminate of corporate capitalism with out eliminating capitalism all together.
The preference is Social Democracy, social justice, peace, and sustainable and livable communities. Thusly an institution of worker rights/workers democracy, co-operativism, improved social conditions and the elimination of poverty

are embraced. The Socialists of Europe: Socialist International and Party of European Socialists are in this league. In America, the newly formed American Labor Party. And now, the second most important Party in Canada, The New Democrats. In South America, Brazil and Paraguay.

Revolutionary Socialists:

Revolutionary socialists are socialist that wish to rid themselves of capitalism all together. They perpetuate a mildly Marxist stand on economics and advocate government ownership and employment. They wish to achieve a radical democracy that has essences of self control, putting people’s lives in there own hands. Which ahs never ever been achieved by these institutions. They tend toward philosophy rather than functionalism. Some fundamentalist. The Socialist Party USA fits this mold.

Marxist and Trotskyist Parties. Not necessarily Communist, yet many are. Marxist and Trots follow the philosophies of Marx and Trotsky. They are entrenched and fundamentalists in their method. These are the least successful of the Parties.

Communists: Communists entertain notions of Socialism but far, left communists use Socialism as a word, especially in Europe (Eastern Block) and. Communists can be Socialists. Western European Communists rejected the Soviet model due to oppression and hypocrisy. There are many Communists states around the world, Such as North Korea, which is more of a cult of influence, Belarus, and other oppressive states. Communism never delivers the perfect workers paradise.

Fake Socialists: Hitler’s national socialist party was not Socialist, it was fascist. The word “Socialism” around to world appeals to workers because it means that a more enlightened society can be perpetuated and the emancipation and cultural wars come to an end.

That life becomes humane and enjoyable. Eastern Communists, Cuba, and others around the world convince people they will deliver the socialist goods, and never do.

Liberals around the world are not seen as socialists but may have socialist tendencies. Liberals in Europe and The Pacific can be rather socialistic. Liberals in the USA are a Center Right to Center, closer to the conservatives. The Liberals in America today betray the New deal, Great Society and offer slavery and indenturement oriented programs for everyone and lend to elitism and corporatism. In Europe there is a coalition of socialists and liberals, here in the USA Conservatives and Liberals are similar. Obama is not a socialist of any variety. But a center right conservative democrat.

Socialism defined: It is the politics of sociology, since people are social animals and live in a social society, the essence of socialism is to demand workers rights, end of poverty, social and economic justice. Democratic socialism wishes to deliver Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy in its true form.

This is dedicated to the New Democrats of Canada. Happy 50th Birthday to our Sister Party.


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