Democrats Bend Over

The unbelievable just gets worse and worse and our plutocratic oligarchy
reveals more and more. $177 trillion will be lost in Medicare and Medicade
while the corporate tax bas goes from 35% to 25%. Not to mention
Corporations pay no Taxes and will get Billions in rewards of free tax payer

The previously undisclosed reductions stunned advocates for community health
centers, foreign aid and climate change research. Among the cuts is a
$500-million reduction in funding for the federal health and nutrition
program for women, infants and children, known as WIC.

The Environmental Protection Agency was spared from restrictions against its
ability to regulate air and water pollution, including greenhouse gases
that cause climate change. But the agency’s budget is being cut by $1.6
billion, a 16% decrease from current levels.

President Obama’s high-speed-rail initiative was eliminated for 2011, saving
$2.9 billion. The American Public Transportation Assn. called the cut
“simply shortsighted” at a time when building rail lines could create jobs
and begin to offer Americans relief from rising gasoline prices.

Conservatives are upset that the package provides less than the GOP’s promised
$100 billion in reductions, as well as the compromise’s failure to de-fund
the healthcare overhaul law and Planned Parenthood. As a result, Boehner
will probably be forced to rely on Democrats to pass the bill, many
observers believe.

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In political terms, something similar seems to be happening in Wisconsin, where newly installed Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attempt to roll back public employees’ pensions and benefits, while stripping most of them of their right to collective bargaining, is beginning to look like a national struggle over the future of organized labor itself.

There really are two issues here: One has to do with unionized public
employees’ pensions. In recent years, shrewd bargaining by union leaders and the relative weakness of overly sympathetic government representatives on the other side of the table have, in many places, produced pension systems that are unsustainably generous unless they’re reformed. Certainly, that’s the case in California and Los Angeles.

The other issue has to do with the future of collective bargaining itself,
because it’s becoming increasingly clear that the budgetary “crisis” that
has been manufactured in Wisconsin is being used as cover for a wholesale assault on the rights of American working people.

The budget agreement reached between the White House and congressional Republicans Friday night puts the Obama administration’s stamp of approval on a reactionary program of cutting spending on vital social services for working people, the elderly and the poor.


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