Unions and Revolution

We can be in for another great moment in American history because, in Wisconsin, workers are fighting for their rights. This is being backed by Unions. For the first time in many years the Unions have shown leadership in change.

We should be apprehensive though, it was the Unions who sold out workers in then 70’s 80’s and 90’s to maintain their high salaries.

It is also the Unions who back up Republicans who pass pro sweatshop legislation. Unions have frequently betrayed the people. They will also do nothing to get rid of the two party system and they themselves thrive on Capitalism.

The Unions should have been socialist. They could have been involved in Community service like ACORN,. And develop worker owned enterprises.

The next Revolution should be to install Labor and human rights, fight an anti conservative cultural war, the war on property, A Bill of Democratic Rights, and National Health Care. Plus many, many more items.

The Next Revolution incurs electing Democratic Socialists to office, maybe starting a new political party or backing up an old one. If no change can be had, civil disobedience by taking over the State houses, and changing for more Democracy, and the Nation for Democracy and ridding of secret governments and capitalism, making capitalism the rare exception.

To fight the good fight we need good leadership. Not just Union leadership. The Constitution should not be our only document supporting Democracy. President Adams said, the Revolution was not the war. President Washington said, when ever the country fails in delivering to the people, another Revolution should be fought. The notion of constant Revolution? Yes, it was George Washington who had that notion.

On TV our liberal pundits still embrace the Democrats, there is a notion the Parties will split into four. The last thing we need is a one party with four wings, we already have one party with two wings. America needs a Democratic Socialist Party with entrance to the Socialist International . The Socialist International in this century must fight Capitalism, and fight for workers and the poor. Not all Capitalism should disappear, but most of it. The SI, must re assert itself as a true Socialist Organization.

In Europe they have a Human Rights bill, and other things that will help a more Social Europe. The Awakening of man into a better humanity is a core value and philosophy. This is not happening in the USA and we should be concerned. The American Labor Party supports these notions. So lets fight the good fight.


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