Problems of Socialism in America

Socialism faces many problems in America. One of the problems Socialism faces is even in the Leftist media, socialism goes un-recommended or ignored. There is nothing to help build Socialism. As many writers often put forward there leftist views, they still will not formulate a Socialist agenda. It is difficult because there are no real and true socialist parties in America.
The next problem is that American are politically illiterate. Many cannot tell the difference between fascism, communism, or varied socialisms. The only socialism worth pursuing is Democratic Socialism, as with Socialist International organs.
Our culture also prizes stupidity . Most American cannot get past there Hamburgers to see that there is anything else out there or even develop a thought process. American listen to political pundits and believe what they say with out care of the facts.
All you will hear from people is that The Democrats have a radical feminist agenda, or gay agenda.
The Democrats are not socialists, at worse very bad populists. The Democrats are the fake left. Obama even said he would install the Martin Luther King doctrine. He has never even touched.
In recent polls there are projections that ¾ of Americans would accept Socialism. 1/3 where conservative, and 1/3 were left leaning. Yet in any election where a Socialist runs, there is no reflection of Americans voting Socialist.
The corporate news media does all it could to vilify socialism. Michael Moore, Socialist Advocate, still hasn’t launched a Socialist Political Party. He sites Third Party’s have problems with ballot access. No person of any power wants to start a Socialist organization.
The Democratic Socialists of America are one of many Socialist clubs in America and SI member. The problems is they never accomplished anything. Like many socialist clubs they are marginalized into fist waving. I don’t see how we are going to change the world through Students for Democratic Change since young people have no credibility. And who wants an intellectual movement anyway? No one wants that.
America needs a good socialist party with a good agenda for change. But that Socialist Party must include endeavors similar to ACORN, Perpetuating worker owned co-ops on a mass scale. The Unions helped Socialism in Europe, in America the Union betrayed socialism.
Socialism must have a strategy too penetrate the life of the poor and worker. Give a real example of what socialism can do. Build a Party using the growth funds to spread across the land.
Socialist need to create their own media. The internet isn’t enough. Socialism in America frequently squanders opportunities for success because there is no credibility and no efforts to gain support. In fighting, egoism, intellectualism, keeps the Parties from the masses.
A Revolution works on building support of the masses. This isn’t even close to happening here in the USA.
The Socialist endeavor is a rudderless ship. A future for socialism require a relationship with ordinary people, not students and intellectuals. Socialists must find a way to compensate Union and organizational let downs from the media, and organizations that should have been socialist and recommended a Socialist Party. Instead we have people willy nilly all over the place. We can change things for the better.


One thought on “Problems of Socialism in America

  1. The problem with the word socialism is that it is associated with both Stalin and Hitler. This leaves those of us who have an American education totally dumsquaddled about what socialism could possibly be, if those two have that thing in common. Our betters want us to stay suspended in this confusion and darkness.

    The two do have in common a certain indifference to the lives of others, great quantities of others, and an indifference to suffering in the lives of others, and a great love of leadership, their own.

    I take my guidance in the definition of the word from William F. Buckley Senior, who told William F. Buckley Junior when Junior was quite young that their enemy- the enemy of the very rich and those who intend to inherit these riches- is Economic Democracy.

    So possibly what we need is a campaign of new images to represent economic democracy. We have the cool guys; Einstein, MLK Jr, Chris Hedges, Senator Sanders.

    Electricity having problems. Gotta go.

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