The Failure of Socialism in America

The disappointing aspect of this generation is that there is no Unions, leaders, or Socialist Parties worth getting involved with. If we can boost the American Labor Party , that would be ideal.
But Socialist Parties in Particular are not worth joining in the United States..
Many contain, academic intellectuals dillitantes, dabblers, popularity hounds.
Most Alternative Parties would be worth joining since their future view is either an imitation of socialism or liberalism. The rest are Conservative.
I have been a Socialist for many years have found nothing but disappointment. In the 1990’s one could say some parties made reasonable statements. So what is wrong?

Well, for one they are out of touch with average people and do not represent labor anymore. I have gotten, Comrade Rozzo, a Socialist Party is a Multi Tendency Party , it is moiré than just Labor.
First and foremost a Socialist Party is all about Labor and Poverty. Socialist Parties are about survival. Yes, other tendencies are important. No kidding eh?
Second, Parties become feminist parties. What could be more corny than that?
Third, members are always attacking each other. And many get away with it while others are rebuked.
Fourth, The mere hypocrisy, many are not representative of Democracy. They lie about being bottom up, open and transparent, that there are room for Social Democrats.
One would never know what the subjects are about in a National Committee meeting.
The ideas and issue where closed till the last minute and NC members never could forward an agenda.
Fifth: The religious committee was and is dominated by Christian, who ignore Buddhist, and others. Even shutting down their ideas. In and out of committees, ideas where suppressed.
Sixth: Lies. People complained about Walt Brown. His wife Beverly is against abortion. Walt Brown told me himself he was an advocate of all SP principals.
Seventh: We lost our best members, other members where spied on. Some valuable members where asked to resign.
Eighth: I led the Party into the Million Worker March and the Michigan local got credit for it.
Nine: People worked behind your back to form locals. Even though you where building for years and promised help that never came. People would make plans with out your knowledge.
Ten: Alienation is the order of things, whether a person is disabled or senior citizen, there was no respect.
There is much more.
We need to develop a Party along Socialist International lines. That is why I founded, or re-founded the Old American Labor Party. It exists as an off shoot of the Old Socialist Party of America. There hasn’t been a relevant Socialist Party since. Debs, Thomas, and Marcantonio. We have all been betrayed. It is time of a new Party: The American Labor Party/ Independent Socialist Party. Let revive old success and be more true to form.


One thought on “The Failure of Socialism in America

  1. Ah! Taking opposite views just for the hell of it and to promote discussion generally, I take keyboard in hand.

    About the difficulty of finding sociable groups:

    It’s true. Every group with an open membership policy attracts difficult people who are destructive to the group, and for whom there is no known cure save murder.

    We should probably be spending our free time with friends and family and conducting our personal network as if it were a socialist party; our existing cohort behaves like a chapter of SP-USA anyway, sharing information, building trust, working and eating together, giving and helping, receiving and appreciating. Call it a political movement, or a Common Security Network. Have a party, meet at a bar, park the Roberts Rules.

    The value of the national convention and a national organization:

    Meeting face to face at the national SP conventions has not only enabled the conspiratorial to huddle with their henchmen, and provided the ambitious with access to titles and offices, and set the stage for those with divisive agendas to act out their dream. Yon Cassius! We get to see how lean and hungry he looks.

    Contrariwise, in no other way could we have met with and seen people deal in a marketplace of principles and ideas– such interesting, various men and women of good character. We keep them as friends and allies, actively or potentially, whether they are in or out of favor with the purists and the plotters.

    The Grand Old Men and Grand Old Women of the party:

    The national group is the most efficient way to observe, hear, and have a word with the grand old men, and to learn about THEIR experience of previous grand old men.

    How else could we learn that they are both great and ordinary?

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