That American Dream Nonsense

The Democrats are a massive failure as a political party. Anyone  thinking that they will fulfill the visonary progresssive leftist doctrine is out to lunch. The Democrats are a subsidiary party of the Republicans.

The Democrats always propound the banal American Dream. The American Dream is the American Capitalist Utopian fantasy ideal of success.

We need a new American Dream, and dream of consumer responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice.

In his speech, the President made the case for job-creating investments in innovation, education, and infrastructure. Republicans, speaking from a fantasy world where all our problems somehow are the government’s fault, essentially laughed at the President’s ideas and promised deep, gouging cuts they say will magically get America moving again.

Would they consider elimination the CIA, Pentagon or NATO?

Cutting the Budget, how about introducing National Single Payer Health Care? Or a Unconditional Universal Income? The UUI would be paid for by eliminating food stamps and welfare departs. This would pay 70% of the UUI.

the GOP playbook is equally dangerous: The plan released by Rep. Paul Ryan, who gave the GOP response to the State of the Union, would privatize Social Security and slash benefits; replace Medicare with vouchers; eliminate taxes paid by wealthy corporations; give millionaires a new tax cut; end middle class tax deductions; and cut overall spending so deeply that everything from college scholarships to national parks would shrink dramatically. Yet another book of Public Hate by a Republican. And we need to contrast this vision with the Republicans’ sinister nightmare. This why we need a Democratic Socialist government in office. Conservatives have spent 30 years developing their message that government is the problem. But if we’re not forcefully articulating a progressive alternative, then the discussion in Washington will just be about how deep to cut, and where exactly. And our communities and our citizens will pay the price. As we always do.

We need the big corporations that are posting record profits to start creating jobs and stop outsourcing them. We need to stop giving away billions of dollars in subsidies to the oil companies. And we need CEOs and hedge fund billionaires to pay their fair share. And we need to mkake Capitalism the exception, not the norm.

Back in the 70’s Corporations paid most of the taxes, now the average  people do.

The New Jobs should come in the way of Worker Owned Co-operatives, Community Investment, Public enterprise, Meaningful Jobs development. The shallow materialistic American Dream must fall away for the New American Dream. One of less isolated societies, Architecture that unites people. Livable Communities and Sustainable Communities.

In order to install the New American Dream we must get rid of the worse of capitalism and the Republicrats.

We are in the Midst of the Worse Depression in American History.

Income inequality in the US is remarkable. It is so wide that, although the US has the highest average per capita income, its poorest 10% are considerably poorer than the bottom 10% in almost any other industrialized country.

We don’t think anybody should go hungry or suffer lack of medical attention or be homeless. Giving everybody home ownership would be one of the best things we could do. Home ownership will stabilize people, keep them grounded and enable them to establish roots and a good foundation. That would just help society in so many ways, the reduction in crime would probably be significant. Give everyone a house to live in, without worry or cold or being exposed to the elements, and then let Socialism and the human drive push people to go on from there.

The American Dream caters to low wage capitalism and mindless mind numbing jobs. There is no “up” for most of us. Just sides ways and down.

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