Gabrielle Giffords

It is a great moment of sadness in our Nation that once again a progressive politician is shot and wounded while 9 others have died. I stopped running for office because I know the perils of fighting for your ideals and what the consequences of those actions are. I even joked with a friend about obtaining a bullet proof vest.
The ugliness of America culture of ignorance has finally manifested itself in our lives and the worse has happened.
We can blame FOX, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O Reilly for this. But it is really up to the people to pursue enlightenment paths. We are a willfully ignorant people, not all, but the many   We are responsible for our own hearts and minds and yet we frequently choose the low road.
Let’s face it, why do conservatives hate Europeanisms? That is because Europe perpetuates improvements and intelligence in Society. There is a concerted effort toward human goals, and improved quality of life.
Neo Conservatives tears at the fabric of society causing  adverse social circumstances which there are too many victims.  There are way to many issues that engulf in flame because of the destruction that neo conservativem causes.
The United States was once seen as the hero of the world in delivering the example for the best life can offer. I feel like we live in bazzaro Amerika now. Remembering the intellect and light of Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, we live in a culture where the lowest common denominator in human thought is embraced. Ignorance, greed, hate, stupidity seems to be the norm. 
I think of people like Gabrielle Giffords and think why aren’t there more people like her. Both Sarah Palin and Jesse Kelly (her formner Tea Bagger opponent) should be doing time for their guns and cross hairs analogy of this women and other politicians who are for humanity should be shot. Shouldn’t their be a prison sentence for inciting violence against people?
The conservative neo-cons are already coming out with excuses and blame the Liberals once again. She got shot, it is her fault she is a liberal. Aren’t the Tea Baggers for the constitution? Why should anyone pay for their lives for free speech?
I was proud to here the Sheriff in Tucson (AZ), to speak about actions. It has been a while since we heard the voice of reason, and many of us knew their would be a price one day for the actions and volitions of ignorance. This shamelessness comes at a price. For years now the media censored anyone in opposition, I have much experience with that running for office so many times. The voices of ideas and reason are quelled to entertain an idiot faction of the public because that sells newspapers and ratings and market shares.
What other country has pundits instead of philosophers?
I once heard a phrase that says there as a shot that was heard around the world.   I hope this one is it and we united and rebel against that culture of ignorance and that America emerges once again as a National and International beacon of light.  That has been so sorely dimmed since the Reagan era.  We are an international embarrassment.
If we keep feeding in to the dinosaur of regressive thinking, it will turn around and step on us one day with more disastrous results.
There was a Coptic Christian Church that lost 25 members to a Bombing. On Christmas eve, people of Islamic Faith surrounded the Temple as a human shield and sent the message, “ If we die, we die together.”    As a Buddhist, this tells me that there is light in the world after all and we can defeat the prejudiced, shameless, and lowest elements of society for something better. I feel I am one with Gabrielle. And I relate to her, Sarah Palin maybe have been a beauty queen, but I feel, Gabrielle Giffords was certain a more beautiful person inside and out.


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