The Rich Get The Brakes

Conservative hate social programs, and seemable anything progessive and human. They attack all thbings for the people.

Social Security is always under attack, the current tax break diverts $120 billion for a tax holiday for the rich. For 75 years it worked well. It has a $2.6 Million surplus today and can pay out benefits for the next 29 years. A major problem though is most people can not live off the current pay outs with out a pension, those with no pension suffer poverty. They sometimes must be met with support by adult offspring. Worse of all, we have lost 600,000 jobs and 48,000 factories to China. Everyone thought NAFTA would allow factories to got o Mexico, but they made a flight over the Pacific. Now we also have eight wars to support, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the secret wars in Columbia, Yemen, and other places. People still expect manufacturing jobs to come back, this will be impossible. Many people are still living in the 20th Century; this is the 21st Century where when factories are not in China, the pines that stay here are automated. Machines and technology are taking over, there are billions of lay offs across America. The inability that Americans have to face political reality is one of amazement. People stubbornly hold on to old values and refuse to change or even listen of masticate facts. This is worse than the Great Depression. Many American are out of work, of no fault of their own. 2 million workers will lose their jobs this year. Another problem is introducing social programs that work and set people free. When George Bush was president, and even under Obama we are working longer hours for longer wages. Meaning jobs are not being created. The class war continues because the Republicans want to move this country back 100 years. They want the country controlled by big money interests. Of course that means a Aristocracy or Plutocratic Oligarchy. They do not believe in things like National Health Care, Universal Income, Medicare, medicade, education, the environment and labor laws. Even the Democrats hawk the American Dream, yet support slavery programs like Welfare to work. They have passed enough anti Union legislation. The is no leadership or driving force as in the early 20th Century. Unions where considered saviors, but have in the later part, slit their own throats by selling out. Union rolls have gone from 1970’s 30% to 2011 7%. How much do rich people need, 10 houses, billions of dollars? How does any human being spend that in one life time? Money is an addiction as any drug. And The Junkies are in Control of the Rehab centers. Mr. James Dimon received $89,000,000 compensation when his bank JPMorgan-Chase was in trouble, he will receive a $1.1 million tax break. Ken Lewis CEO of Bank of America will receive a $713,00 tax cut they received $2 trillion in low interest loans, $165 Million in compensation. The wealthiest individuals in this country also received a major bailout from the fed. The emergency response, which what the fed described their action during the Wall Street Collapse, appears to any objective observer to have been the clearest case of socialism for the rich and free market capitalism for everyone else. We may actually need a revolution of civil disobedience. But there is no leadership. It is feared that Democracy will not be achieved and a Brazilian style junta (1970’s)maybe one day installed.


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