Ideas for Revolution

I am going to give advice for a revolution. First in a united left front, as in Europe, we may have to form alliances and start a Coalition Party of Socialists, Greens, and whom ever.
If this happens, we must find a way to peacefully co-exist. We must form a major element to capture the hearts and minds of Americans. But starting Alternative political parties, in exchange for those already existent is foolish. Since parties already exist, why  not join and change the ones that already do?

But if we must have a Coalition Political Party, it must be Democratic Socialist, or maybe even Social Liberalist. Compromise and multi tendency is part of politics.

The Future must be in the electorate. But the electorate is corrupt. Lets not forget George Bush  II stole the elections in 2000 and 2004. Election theft happens regularly.

The Republicrats have displayed they will not go peacefully. They intimidate, use blackmail, and weapons.  They even do it to their own. In which case a Revolution of Civil Disobedience is necessary. Change will not happen honestly or peacefully.
Anyone would be naive to think so. We’re going up against a criminal syndicate that ahs the Pentagon, CIA, and Big Business on its side. Even worse than Tienamen Square could happen.

Alternative Parties have never built up powerful machines in any state to overturn oppressive ballot access laws. Even when alternative parties become popular, they do not capture  the hearts and minds of the people.

First solution, start a media source on the internet. Have an Alternative Party, interactive central.  We need to expose these people for the finks that they are.
Also see my past blogs about party building.  No Revolution should be lead by academic intellectuals. Even as Debs said, Intellectuals should find their way into the rank and file as anyone else.

We would also need party members to actively distribute literature, and volunteer for other activities.

We need luminaries, such as Michael Moore, and others to finally realize that they have the power to spark revolution and we must get them on our side. With out important figures, we are lost.

Let’s avoid corny names. Pick a party name with a Ring to it, like Left Democracy Party. American Labor Party.  It has to be catchy.

Lets not haggle over philosophy, Trotskyites and far left wingers should be avoided. They have a “It’s my way or the high way attitude.”

The future Revolution must have a real strategy with real initiatives, unlike the 60’s where the Revolution was lead by stupid hippies. Who where clueless in the first place.

It is going to take money. And lots of it.  But don’t set membership dues leaving the poor out. And we need minorities; there must be minority out reach. Let’s do a little affirmative action here folks.

And the Party needs lawyers. We may see a lot of political prisoners here. We must build a great machine, otherwise we will be doomed. The Million Worker March didn’t bring a million people, protests come and go. The next Revolution must be meaningful. Or else.   

Got to remember. Kent State and Tienaman  Square situations may develop.  Along with spying, harassment, and other factors for cruelty against the people.

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