Rigged Elections

We keep hearing about Government conspiracies. One could say there are no Government Conspiracies due to the fact that is what Governments do in the first place.

I have run for office several times and realize that in what is politics isn’t real. It is all a big show.

If we listen to the corporate news media, lies, myths and, linear notions are re-enforced and the mass of people believe what they see and hear.

In 1980, when Reagan defeated Carter for the Presidency, The Republicans had the hostages detained till after the election. This gave Reagan a clear chance to win.

The Republicans also help to throw the 2000 and 2004 elections. First in Florida, by ballot tampering. Why was a CIA person monitoring the election? Why where so many minorities allowed to be discriminated against with false reports of criminal convictions?  Than the Supreme courts shuts down all arguments for Al Gores Presidency.  Al Gore was our President in exile.

Than came the 2004 elections., where the ballot machines where tampered with in Ohio and New Mexico.

Again we have the Republicans interfering with foreign elections, this time in Central America. They initiated a compromise between the Junta and Democratically elected Zalaya.  Why should a Democratically elected President have to share power with an illegal government?

Obviously there is no two party system. The Republicans  are well financed.  The Democrats, having the chance twice to end the Republican strong hold on America .

First during the Clinton Administration, where President Clinton was as considered to be the man putting America back on Track   Once again that Democratic administration failed to nail the Republicans, initiated Social Slavery programs. There is a failure to bring in National Health Insurance.

The next eight years was filled with George Bush II and an assault on the American people initiating a class war for the Wealthy.

Then Obama is elected, and the Democrats. once again failing  end Republicanism, bring in National Health Care.

The elections are fixed. The Republican are our national dictator party          and the Democrats are their subsidiary Party. The Tea Party and Libertarians are their puppete Parties.

It was said the in America is a One Party system with two wings. It is a one party system with a subsidiary Party.

The Corporate news media re-enforces crap like tax and spend liberals, liberal, left, right propaganda, and other non sense items. When was the last time you heard about the Universal Income? The 32 Hour work week? Labor Rights? The living Wage? The war on poverty?

And they inundate us with old values that do not ring true. The elections are rigged, no doubt. The man who fixed the 2000 and 2004 election was killed in a plain crash because he was going to admit he rigged the elections.

Elections locally and nationally are probably pre determined and fixed in the Government. Some alternative Parties may have won some election and many who have won, never served. There is a real election conspiracy in America. The elections where always dirty but there is a new high here because it is national and electronic. I hear for every one vote an alternative party person gets, The Two parties get an extra unearned vote.  The Republicans said, if the public choose to get rid of us, we will go quietly. Nonsense, they own the show.


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