2010 Eelections

The 2010 elections re-enforces many concerned people could have about our government. Some talk of conspiracies. Some say that there are no governments
Conspiracies because that is what governments do.
The Republicans obviously own the show even when Democrats are in office.
The Junta probably began before Reagan.
The USA has a one Party system, owned by the Republicans, with the Democrats as a controlled party, and The Libertarians and Tea Partiers as a Puppet Party.
Even when the Democrats have a clear majority and can do serious damage to the Republican machinery, they fail to capitalize. Clinton’s gays in the military gave the Republicans the ammo they needed. Along with the failure to present National Health Care and anything meaningful. Eight years of Clinton only gave us a surplus.
The Bush years we where at our fascist best. Bush could get away with anything.
The Bush administration damaged this country nine ways to Sunday.
When the Democrats where re-elected, they promise Single Payer Health Care, Hope that we can depend on, and changed that mattered. That all never happened. There was talk of installing the Martin Luther King Doctrine. Well? Where are the jobs with justice?
War on Poverty? Improved Quality of life?
The Democrats have no intention of delivering the goods. They are just like the Republicans. The Republican need the Democrats to off set policy and takes the blame for bad policies. It is a Good Cop Bad Cop psychology, but the Democrats and a Republicans are complicate in there goals to enforce the current dictatorship.
I have seen some elections and analyzed them, elections in America are fixed, and so anyone in the independent parties or alternative parties will not be elected because elections have already been determined.
It is the peoples fault also. People are mindless sheep that will listen to the artificial analysis of the corporate news media, and conformist forces of news. Many do not even try to understand the issues or even embrace new ideas or concepts. People are willing to throw their democracy away because they have no idea how to use it. No many become outraged when a person gets cheated out of a vote or voting irregularities.
People drone on only what they hear in the news or what they read and never seem to be receptive of new concepts or new ideas. Many ideas aren’t new, they are pretty damn old.
The Quality of life is what matters, and even though people are unemployed, with out health care, have poor working conditions. Even though people have low quality and have low expectations, people only care about themselves. The Democrats and Republicans have failed us, but even worse we failed ourselves.
The term “The masses are Asses” is what American culture and society is all about.
People care more about things than other people and we politically suffer because we have a selfish, self centered nation that embraces ignorance.
The pain and suffering of other doesn’t factor into a care in other people who do slightly better.
The Republicrat show may come to an end one day. We are in for a future Junta. When people start to demand a better Democracy. The military will declare martial law.
If the Democrats gave us hope that mattered, and a future and change we could depend on, things would be different
But we are truly to blame. On city hall in Camden NJ there is a phrase, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.

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