A Social America

Conservatives are going to hate this. We need a more social America and this is what we socialists should be striving for. So, I’ll list our endeavers. With in a structure of a Bill of Democratic Rights here is what we should do.

1. Rights and duties for all Clearly stated and understood rights and duties for all (individuals, government, co-operatives, business and trade unions) will create new social cohesion and give everyone a chance to participate in, contribute to and benefit society.

2. Full employment America cannot afford to exclude people from the work- place. We must harness everyone’s talents and skills. Meaningful jobs amd jobs with justice. will be the norm. That is the road to prosperity and to a fairer society.

 3. Investing in people Investing in people – through education, training and progressive social policies, is essential if America is to maintain its prosperity. To move from the old job to the new job, America must invest in constantly developing the skills and knowledge of its people.

4. Inclusive societies – nobody left behind Everybody counts! Ending Capitalism as the norm, introducing better health care, universal income, livable, sustainable society. A Living Wage and Income, Affordable housing.

5. Universal child care Good quality, affordable and accessible child care is a necessity for the 21st century family. It gives children the best possible start to their education, frees parents to enter paid employment, creates jobs, and integrates families into the community. If a parent chooses, they may live with a Universal Income

6. Equal rights for all, Inequality between classes is still unacceptably strong. New policies to change inequality – in work, family and public life – will bring social justice and economic benefits. In a neww Social America There are those who argue that America or Europe can no longer afford its welfare states due to the unrelenting pressure of globalization – that nations should compete to set the lowest rates of taxation and have the fewest workers rights. Europe’s socialists and social democrats know there is a better way. America will not be reduced to a competition between states – we stake our claim to a NEW Social America. Our task is to renew and strengthen our welfare states. This is not to preserve them as they are but to reform them with new rights and privileges. and a new deal between people and government.

7. -The rich and privileged should not be the ones to have an education. Education should be free for all. From ages 16-21 youth should have ½ universal income

8. The elimination of Poverty shall be done trough the Universal Income Ands urban renewal. Real estate due to need not investment. The end of slums, and rural poverty and enriching the lives of all.

9. Improving the quality of life for all and making a society that is peaceful, non racist, ecological, and enlightening.

10. Create a Human rights office and social justice office. This office will be a law enforcement adamancy for labor, social justice, rights of human and animals. A public Advocate to challenge government and have presentation. The Tea Party and Conservatives will really hate this but lighter and enlightened minds shall prevail.


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