Capitalism and Socialism

The USA is the richest country in the world. Yet millions of people will be homeless at some time over many long years. There’s no national health scheme, and over forty million people cannot afford private coverage. Socialism seems to be the better alternative. Socialism is about solving our Social and Econmic problems in a fair and equitable basis. Social-democracy as Democratic Socialism an alternative strategy for achieving socialism. Socialism is fights for the abolishment of wage-slavery and the capitalist system built on it by a different system – freedom, cooperative, liberty, Democratic labor. What has that got to do with the modest reforms achieved by the Capitalists and Trotskyites? The fight for social reforms and the defense of existing welfare state provisions are indeed necessary for socialists to take up. Although socialsim isn‘t a pencea, it is the true and real political solution. If only a free market economy can offer democracy. Without it you get state control, and state control inevitably stifles democracy socialists do not want a bureaucratic state, high taxes, and inefficiencies as lies told by Democrats, Republicans, and libertarians. Capitalism has become less irrational and inhuman since industrial revolution. Wage slavery and exploitation are still at the heart and root of capitalism. In a world of vast productivity and excess food production, 150 million children (by UN statistics) do not get enough to eat. Capitalism thrives on exploitation as consumers, women, children, seniors and men suffer in the circuit of the underprivileged. The idea that only the market system can be the basis for democracy is like saying only wage slavery for the masses and increasing concentration of wealth and power at the top of society can be the basis of democracy! Democracy in capitalism is limited and unstable. This came from Social Revolutions demanded by the people. We need to spark this up again. Mass self-rule by the producers, dominated neither by a bureaucratic state monopoly nor by the economic rule of the multimillionaires and their officials, is a better form of democracy. See this link for more:

Myths About Socialism

A Case for Socialism in the Twenty First Century-Jason Schulman

There are lies myths and slanders against socialism, like Socialism is about bureaucracy, bigger government, more taxes. This is just about providing Socialism to the people and not millionaires.


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