Health Care

There seems to be a lack of sensibilities anywhere. I frequently have experienced
the world as a cold cruel place, where the ice cold sadness of the lack of humanity
their can be in this world. The world is a lonely place for many.
the myth of large government is believed to Be perpetuated by Liberals.
True, but it come from Conservatives also. Government, even during the most ardent
Conservatives has never ever happened except when serving the people.
Do I want a society where people are taken carte of from cradle to grave?
Actually, yes and no. But I do not want to live in a society where people are abandoned and treated cruelly due to their misfortunes?
Government does many good things. Public transportation, public schools,
libraries, the post office, motor vehicles. How would we like to live in a
world with no government? In our Conservative government the people need to
be bailed out.
I remember a Conservative friend of mine who disliked the notion of National Health Care.
He had finally been stricken with cancer and the hmo’s where not there for him.
He needed money for his condition. And he finally passed away. His wife wound up loosing her home of 30 years. She we live in a world where people loose all their treasured possessions and memories? I could remember my friend joking with me when he said, “I wonder what happened to all those Social Programs I voted against?” When they are gone, one cannot go looking for them.
And there is a women I knew who had five children, when her husband passed away, simultaneously she lost a good paying job. She spent months on unemployment which payed her less than her salary.
Than she received a substandard job in which she was driven into further poverty. What would become of her family and her dreams? A fulfilling life is out of the question.
It seems we have a cold cruel government that cranks out a lot of victims.
The I asked my cousin, who is a doctor in Italy, whether then Government interferes
with National Health Care. He said, just as anywhere else, or anything else there are rules.
Not, service provided for the patient his just handled through your National Insurance Card.
Same as a Credit Card or Debit Card, in fact, there is no government involved. They just provide the funding. In fact it reduces the size of government and i never hire bill collectors or a staff like American Doctors do, even I actually save money.
Poverty can easily be solved without Government interference. It is called the Universal
Income. Or The Basic Income Grant. In Functional Governments poverty is eliminated
rather than Having to qualify, each person has an entitlement. No embarrassment, humiliation, or apologies for being poor. It also eliminates Large Government because there are no offices to pay for, or officials to pay. Nor is there Government control over peoples lives. In New York State, the Government was sued by Unions and welfare workers. the Government declared. if you are working, people shouldn’t work for free. In New York and Illinois, the Government acts as a pimping service for business to get free workers. A violation of the 14Th Amendment of our Constitution.
Eliminating the departments of Welfare in the USA and instituting a Livable Universal Income would
save the nation from Excessive Government and the salaries that go with it and reduce taxes.
It is estimated that the Government would be reduced and we would save 8 billion dollars a year.
A Doctor from Italy said to me, “When you talked about fear, I still remember a poor uneducated farmer in a little town in Sicily,
who was always saying she will never vote for liberals or left wingers because it will take away the house she had. For curiosity she (the Doctor) went to see her house and she found out she lived in the slums with no electricity, no water, and no toilet.
Even now with fear, people reacting to any change and I personally believe that until we do not push the idea that wealth is for everyone ( and for wealth I intend good housing, less working hours, a living wage, good education, good and free medical care, meaningful jobs, nutritious food ).
If we do not develop a social consciousness in this country and learn to invest in the future with positive change we are forever trapped in
A world where we sort out winners from losers, where one side always wins and the other always looses. I think that we could agree on what kind of a world we would all want to build. it would be a world each of which protected and respected the basic human freedoms. It would be a world which demanded of each government that it accept its responsibility to insure social justice. It would be a world of constantly accelerating economic progress — not material welfare as an end in itself, but as a means to liberate the capacity of every human being to pursue his talents and to pursue his hopes. It would, in short, be a world that we would be proud to have built. I am partially quoting Robert F Kennedy here.
National Health Care is affordable and can save us billions in fees and taxes, and there in no Government in the way, no death panels. Single Payer is the way to go. We are the only industrialized nation not to have it. We can eliminate corporate welfare and price gouging by the corporations. e General Accounting Office projects an administrative savings of 10 percent through the elimination of private insurance bills and administrative waste, or $150 billion in 2002. This savings would pay for providing medical care to those currently under served.



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