Democratic Socialism

Democratic Socialism advocates for real change. Our agenda has two sides. One for social change, and one for political change. The issue of Social change must be implemented and there must be allowance for it. Here in The USA, along with many communities, even in a global sense, A majority of people public policy that would Further the combat against poverty and social inequality. Many times the preferences of ordinary citizens Are ignored for the sake in demands of powerful elements such as groups, powerful investors, corporations, Major investors and the affluent. Those people do not mind the high degree of inequality. The remedies of societies problems are possible. But frequently fought off with right wing mythology which states. we will create more bureaucracies, smaller government, and Utopianism. The chief purpose of government is to pursue policies that benefit all citizens. Even Republican Abraham Lincoln supported the notion of a “Government For The People”. These must include the fight against poverty and economic inequality. In fact these policies are efficient, effective, and freedom enhancing, rather than wasteful or freedom reducing. Social policy often meets Right Wing moral platitudes against those Who need assistance or are suffering and defines them as the undeserved and burden to society. I call for a Political system of Compassion and open mindedness, rather than one of disdain and ignorance. We need to address those who labor, as the are the most important segment of society, since work defines most peoples lives. No more should the worker, nor those who contribute to society have unjust laws against them and be made to suffer the consequences of oppression. Socialist Parties are about “Labor and The People. As many who know, New Zealand, Canada, and Scandinavia are Democratic Socialist States or have had them, they are not neutral. All socialists should are acquainted with being business-minded and union-minded. Opposing capitalism does not mean opposing business or trade; we are not advocates of returning the world to a regressive state, we are advocates of advancing the human condition. That requires knowing the terrain in which modern are fought on behalf of the worker and society for a truer Democracy. In Europe there are ten parties on the ballot-and voting is done on Saturday. It is also treated as a National Holiday. These Countries have a 98% voter turn out. Instead of the 40% we have here. The Mythology of stealing votes, and more parties are hurtful are the cries of the two party duopoly who wish to maintain power. We saw what a fiasco the two party system has been in the last Presidential election and throughout the years. In a real Democracy people have what is called FREEDOM OF CHOICE. In a Democratic society people have the right to exchange ideas and have free and open exchange ideologies, and make choices based upon them. Socialism wishes to transform society. The popular notions of economic development must pass. We have developed a materialistic society based on wasteful consumerism. That must change. We need to build a society that embraces a sustainable future. Many communities are recklessly being destroyed but rampant development. This Development has brought to many strip malls and not enough economic development which produce quality jobs. We need a sustainable future. One that balances our ecological needs with our financial needs. Our future must contain a greater degree of Cooperative Enterprise. We must develop and build Cooperatives so people can have quality jobs that also sustain our lives. Cooperatives are businesses own by Employees. They are run on a democratic basis and fulfill Economic and social needs. The advantages of Cooperatives are that they are Democratic, self sufficient, equal, give equity, Provide a living wage, and ecologically sound. There are many Cooperatives that can be developed. Worker owned Supermarkets, energy Companies, Phone Companies, Social Needs Coops, and more. Coops and Public enterpise should be developed in place of Welfare, because they can alleviate poverty, re-develop Communities, and sustain the natural environment. This would give people the ability to control there own work. Employees would have control of the means of production. It would also eliminate the mindless mind numbing jobs entrenched in Taylorism and Workfare Programs which pay slave wages. We need a welfare system that will give people freedom, and not manage poverty. We can change society so every person can live a happy fulfilling life. One of the best systems of Coop enterprise is the Mondragon system of Spain’s Basque region. We have coops in America that provide inexpensive food, and where the first in product labeling and consumer consciousness is providing quality products. We need a better system of work environment. American Socialists advocate

1. Six weeks paid vacation.

2. National Health Care.

3. Social Programs that work.

4. A Living Wage.

5. Free Continued College and University.

6. Ecological Development

7 Labor Rights

8 Meaningful Jobs

By cutting back on Government Waste and Corporate welfare programs we could literally afford all of this For our nation and share with developing nations. Transforming our attitudes away from the coldness of today’ thinking, we could develop a society Where we develop more compassionate, charitable mentality. Where the national wealth is shared and we put a end to the torture of poverty .

Democratic Socialism is about prepetuating a better society.


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