I have studied the Immigration issue and feel I mustadd an alternative insight to the norm of belief andmisconception.I have age on my side with much political memory. I’ll start with the Cold War.As a teenager we heard many things about the SovietUnion. One of the best observations for War Hawks wasthe fact that many people defected from the Soviet Union because of the lack of freedom and Democracy. We where frequently told, no nation is freer thanAmerica. That this is the land of opportunity whereyou could be anything you dreamed becoming. (Which of,course was a lie.) That Human Rights abuses in theSoviet Union where so high, that the KGB would nabanyone off the Street and that person would never beseen again. Give us your Poor, your Cold, and your Hungry it says on the base of the Statue of Liberty.Yes, In America you can say and do the things youwant, and millions of Soviet Block citizens want to the west. The Stories of life under Stalinist Communism was told everyday and we should feel greatful that we where born here because people in the Soviet Block want our freedoms. These defectors where embraced as heroes.Looking a free country to live in.Examining Mexico I see hypocrisy in the Cold War mentality. The Mexicans live pretty much as the old Soviet Citizens did. The citizens fear the Federalies(Police)Mexican can be arrested and sent to jail of any reasonand not see there way out for years no matter the infraction. Working in Mexican factories, people are forced to work 70 hour a week for low wages. Physical and mental abuse in factories are regular occurrence.One women stated that she didn’t even know who herUnion was or how they represented the people. On an Occasion, one woman did complain to her Union and the next day The Union and Federalies put out a warrant for her arrest. At one point the Chiapa’s Indian tribe in Mexico stood up for their rights and the Government mowed them down. In 1994, Chiapas was involved in a civil war or revolution that lasted only 11 days, the two sidesi nvolved being the Mexican Government and theZapatista Army of National Liberation (the EZLN orZapatistas). Nowadays the EZLN (Ejército Zapatista deLiberación Nacional, named in honour of EmilianoZapata) have rejected the use of force and seek to berecognized as a voice of the disenfranchised. Thereare currently 32 “rebel autonomous zapatistamunicipalities” (independent Zapatista communities,MAREZ in Spanish). And yet with Internationally knownhuman rights abuses, the Clinton Administration stillratifies NAFTA.The enws media frequently, now points to China’s Humanrights abuses as a Communist Country. Amazing how thesame exact huiman rights abuses takes place in Mexico.Looking back at the USA and its Right Wing Citizens,on could easily see the Hypocracy. Those onceembracing the Defectors of the Soviet Union, are thesame people who want fences and walls up between theUS Mexican Boarder. Don’t Meixcans want freedom, liberty, and democracy? Isn’t the United State champions of such said values? Of Course not. The CIA had helped the very oppressive Dictortator of Chile,Pinochet in Office. Then when the Democratic Socialist Manning Government of Jamaica was out of Office, the Conservative Party in Jamaica made special deals in which many where Carrying M16 riffles the next year. And look at the mess made in Iran and Afghanistan. NAFTA isn’t working in Mexico either.It seems that the Libertarian Earnesto Zadillo and Carlos Salinas governments in the 1990’s brought Mexico to such an economic collapse, that the Mexicans are worse off now financially tha any time in History. Most Mexicans would rather be home, and a lot ofAmericans are picking up cheap Real Estate in Mexico.Where does Freedom, Liberty, Democracy play into thelives of these immigrants?


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