American Voters

The current Republican victories are a tell tale sign that we Americans are politically undereducated. This isn’t knew. I heard this complaint from immigrants since I was a child.
The Democrats are a major culprit in this failure. Since 1972, with the defeat of the Basic Income Grant in the Senate proved that the future isn‘t going t be the same. The ideals would be squashed and the Democrats became like the Republicans.
American liberalism accommodated itself to the free market nostrums of the right wing and the rapid growth of social inequality, and repudiated any serious program for social reform.
There is a despise amongst Socialist about Social Democrats. Social Democrats are still Capitalist. That is Liberal Social Democrats. Socialist Social Democrats fight for change that contain a Democratic Socialist future.
American voters are probably the worse on the planet. The maintain a two party system, vote on the hopes of change that is never happening. Many vote Republican when the Democrats fail. But we know the Republican will not deliver the goods, ever. So why the does this happen? Because American are people who are entrench in Conformity. People only care about themselves and really do not care about the issues.
People, in America today, especially, hate the poor. We are a Nation of haters, not everyone, but we there are embracement of heavy fascist element in America.
Not only political, but personal.
What I mean by this is that people in America (Not everyone) are apathetic, vote for selfish self interest, and really have to sense of civics are care about humanity.
People will riot in the streets after a sporting event. They turn cars over, set things on fire, resort to violence
When it comes to homelessness poverty, and worker issues. Many will say stuff like, “ I hope a Wal-Mart comes to town so we can get the bums off welfare.”
Yet, have not developed a alternative party movement that is relevant or significant.
There was a revival in the 1990’s with Ross Perot’s National Reform Party (Even today the NRP votes Republican), The NRP is dead, along with the Natural Law Party. The NLP had some flakey notions.
The Socialist Party USA finished 10th of 14. A new high, showing people are tired of the two party system, yet New Jersey has a new Republican Governor. The inability for American to move forward, progress, and create a better society is not in the picture of most voters.
When we look at the Alternatives, when people vote independent, they vote for the Libertarians and National Constitution Party. Two flakey Parties with a ultra right wing agenda. both embrace the right to be ignorant.
The Green Party was becoming the national most popular alternative parties, but struggles between liberal, leftist, and socialist left the party fragmented and marginalized.
The Greens agenda reflected the Socialist International. Which mad many Socialist draw towards the Greens.
The Socialist Parties are also at fault for this. When the Greens where in there hey day, many far left socialist parties endorsed the Greens. The Greens, not all, the right wing Greens where hostile to this.

The in effectiveness of Socialist Parties in America come from the fact that socialist parties on one hand never keep people. People get tired of the movement which remain widely ineffectual.
Socialist Parties in America host and are the play ground of intellectuals, philosophers, and metaphysicians. Not many functionaries.
Socialist Parties spend more time alienating their members than building membership and do not live up to their own ideals.
On the other hand, people are to blame for this too, because rather than fight for a party, people will leave and go some where else. People are great fist wavers for causes, but won’t repair the parties that can get us there.
Many people join Socialist clubs like the Labor Party or Democratic Socialist of America.
Many believe the Revolution is on. There must be a Revolution of the Invisible.
Even when a Socialist Party is sincere and something to offer people gravitate to an intellectual socialist groups.
Giving credit, many Socialist groups have good information and are educational toward the workers movement.
Although many socialists are sincere and very good at their cause, many shun others away due to their own discrimination and intolerance.
I was complained about work to a groups of socialists, and one said to me, “ No one cares about your issues or life.” Hold on now, A Socialist without the ability to relate to a workers struggle, how hypocritical is that?
Socialism is a true answer to politics, because it perpetuates a civilized society of compassion and democracy and freedom.
Democratic Socialism is the answer because it address a varied wide range of issues. America need a good old fashioned Democratic Socialist Party that will takes us there.
Back to voters though. We just cannot blame the voters or parties. There are ballot access issues, the corporate news media., attacks form The Democratic Party.
The American Voter has what I call, the bad lover complex. We know that lover is bad for us. We know they are wrong. Yet we gravitate to that lover like a dope fiend embraces their addiction. We take the abuse, we take the lies, cheating, and all the villainous things that go with the relationship, yet we are still enamored with the lover.
In many ways that makes the American Voter truly sorrowful. On to political awakening and an age of enlightenment.

Dedicated to Vitov Valdez Munoz


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