Buddhist View of Conservativism

RESTORED FROM NEWSVINE We are almost done restoring articles from Newsvine. Buddha believed there where three poisons in the world. Greed, Hate, and ignorance. It seems to me that viewing the conservative mind, the conservatives embrace all three. Let us look at greed. In the 80’s in particular, with Yuppies and Professionalism, greed is good was the values. These values where especially put forward by the Reagan administration. TV went from enlightened entertainment to (Star Trek, MASH) to Dynasty, Dallas, and Falcon Crest. People with money where great, lying, cheating, and stealing where the norm. Humanistic values took the back seat. At least there where redeeming shows such as Murphy Brown. Capitalist values of Elitism became the norm and still effect us today. The catch phrase, “We should go back top Vietnam and win that one.” That is ignorance. Hate: America, even now had developed a racist and fascist hatred of the poor. The poor are lazy, shiftless people who will not work. They leach off the rich and are a drain on society. Yet the wealthy get handouts everyday. $83,000,000,000 goes rewarded for failure and they still give themselves bonuses. Is it society’s responsibility to maintain homes with indoor swimming pools, movie theaters, and bowling alleys, while the person on street lives in a cardboard box? Charity and handouts for the rich? In addition, how many time have youngsters murdered homeless people for sport? There has been a multitude of news stories featuring such activities. Many people are forced in public housing, inferior living conditions, and a underclass that has no chance to get out of its squalled conditions. Ignorance: Is not it the conservative catch phrase today that we have a right to be ignorant. I do not think so. The right to hate discriminate and abuse people do not seem to embrace the path of anything humane. Reagan once said; facts are silly little things. Facts are the path to enlightenment. It is facts that help us deal with reality and find solutions to problems. Ignorance means to also do stupid things. Do we have the right to kill each other, steal, lie, rape, injure? Conservatives are unfeeling hypocrites who look for compassion when they are down, but have no remorse or compassion for others when they are down. The conservative minds darken society. Take a look at conservative history. The Dark Ages, The crusades and other times.  Conservatives are a destructive force . This is why we need a Socialist Movement to bring forward a better society. Socialism is about humanity and civilization. On Oprah Winfrey, during an interview with a Danish Citizen , she asked if it was the Socialism that made society better. The girl responded; no, it is about civilization. THAT IS SOCIALISM! It is about fostering a positive, better society and fostering a better world to live in.

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