Clinics Expose

Tino Rozzo

From Dissident 11-1999

EXPOSE ON CLINICS: Not long ago I placed a petition on e-the people to support health clinics for the indigent. I have discovered a interesting story about how Dis functional and negligent these clinics are and the doctors who run them who are guilty of malpractice. First there is a woman, we will call her patient X. Patient X is a factory worker in a sweatshop. She was feeking seriously ill and the Nurses tried to give her a appointment a week away. When a person is feeling ill, what good does a week away appointment do? Well, after arguing for a appointment, this person was diagnosed with a virus that needed immediate treatment. She asked the doctors for a week off to recuperate. They told her she would only get three days off. She wasn’t ready to go back to work but went anyway. Her oppressive bosses want a not, and after two notes, she’s fired regardless of how legitimate her condition is. She went back to work and by mid mourning she passes out. She goes to the Doctor after arguing for another appointment and she is forced to go to work the next day also. By next week, she is on the job and gets sicker the following night, where she is rushed to the emergency room. She spends 5 hours waiting for tests that yield nothing. In fact, she even rarely sees a doctor or nurse near by. She goes to work the following day and turns completely red. Then she is rushed to the emergency room again. Where another 5 hours in tests are performed and it is discovered she has a bladder infection. She asks the doctor for more time off, he denies her more time off and the physician will not see her for a follow up appointment. Obviously the doctors work for the bosses, and the patients health can go to hell. Mind you, the place of employment will not allow time off for sickness, personal health for more than 2 days. people loose holiday pay and other pay for any reason what so ever. One can get punished for any basic human function and need. In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a person is guaranteed health care and it is a basic human right to have a attending physician make sure that patient gets adequate health care. Doctors have a Hypocratic, not hypocritic oath. The doctors are business men and stick up for business. Many doctors are Republicans and in Republican policy will not give patients disability. Two ways to handle miserable doctors is to turn them in to the licensing board of the state, the other is to report them to the states bio-ethics committee. The other is to sue for malpractice. Of course a person gets more respect for spilling a hot cup of coffee in there laps. Suing the boss and doctors means that their special friends the lawyers, maybe on the Docs and bosses side


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