They Saved Ronnies Brain

Reagan’s reign the United States experienced the beginning of the end of what could have been a great society. Under Reagan, elements within the government engaged in massive criminal activity that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the entrenchment of a vicious and evil criminal organization that has been firmly in power of not only the United States but much of the world. George Bushes desire for international hegeonomy.Reagan’s was a criminal president and his crimes where many. This all started well before he was President when he and Bush paid the Iranian’s to not release the hostages in order to prevent the re-election of Jimmy Carter in 1980, not mention his reign of ugly conservativism as Governor of California (Where he attacked social programs and eliminated the middle class.) The hostages were released as promised as Reagan was sworn into office. Reagan then secretly sold chemical & biological weapons to Iraq and told CIA friend Saddam Hussein to step up bombing of Iran while still selling weapons to Iran in a war that claimed an estimated one million victims. The criminal activities in the Mid East stretched around the world to Central America in the spectacle that came to be known as Iran-Contra.
In Afghanistan, Reagan was busy funding Osama bin Laden and a terrorist army to displace the Russians. Once the mighty ‘Muhjadeen’ had completed their task they were partially abandoned and became the Taliban and Al Qaeda. With no real replacement for the Russian backed government, the radical Muslims quickly took power. Only later did the army without a war become the enemy so desperately needed by the US defense industry, CIA, and Pentagon. In Central America, Reagan-Bush ran a massive criminal operation that Thwey They imported hundreds of tons of cocaine into the US and shipped arms illegally to the terrorist Contras that Reagan affectionately called “Freedom Fighters”. Coca paste was brought in from South America by plane to an airstrip near Puntarenas, Costa Rica owned by Reagan/Bush ball washer and supporter Julio Calleja and processed on the ranch of CIA operative John Hull. From there the high-grade coke was shipped by plane to the Mina, Arkansas Airport under the protection of Bill Clinton and to various Air Force bases.America’s worst financial disaster since the Great Depression occurred under Reagan with the collapse of the Savings & Loan system. Nearly $500 billion was looted from thousands of Savings & Loans by a criminal ring that included the Mafia, CIA and the Bush family. Neil Bush was involved in the collapse of Silverado Savings & Loan but never served any jail time. By the time the Federal government and elite is done milking the scam further, US taxpayers will have paid well over a trillion dollars.
Reagan brought in an era of Fascism. He made hating the poor acceptable and to be insensitive to humane rights and needs. He embraced the values of greed, hate, elitism. His trickle down economics policies and welfare for the Rich schemes made it apparent that he abandoned pro-people politics, for the politics of socialism for the rich. His Economic policy effects us today with the top heavy financial crashes of major financial institutions, international economic distress, mass un-employment have ruined the lives of Millions.The full extent of Reagan’s crimes may never be known because George W. Bush issued an executive order which countermands the 1978 Presidential Records Act and prevents the release of 68,000 pages of Reagan era documents. Given that Reagan lacked the intelligence to carry out some of the more elaborate crimes, the records are likely to shed light on the true role of the Bush crime family.Let us remember Reagan as he really was…oLiar oThief oMass murderer oWar criminal oTraitor of the American people oDestroyer of freedom oDestroyer of the environment oCorporate Prostitute
Ronald Reagan’s legacy leaves us with a shameful President even more cunning than the Bushes, but just as criminal and just as horrible. The nightmare of Reagan will not be known for a long time.
Ronnie. Reagan was consistent with his libertarian deregulatory doctrines. If Congress had not stopped him, he would have abolished crucial health and safety requirements imposed on the heavily tax-supported nursing home industry. Instead of firmer enforcement efforts and more adequate standards, he was content to leave the more than one million defenseless elderly in nursing homes.Reagan changed the evolution that would change the future complexion of American politics, organizations who call themselves social conservative have teaming up with their Liberal counterparts to oppose corporate bailouts. The synfuel industry’s welfare project is under similar pressure, though its predicted mismanagement and awful economics appear to be self-defeating. This new coalition put up a aggressive fight against the Reaganesque bailout of the big U.S. banks that made such imprudent loans at inflated interest rates to foreign countries. Reagan spent years lecturing around the country for General Electric on the virtues of sink or swim free enterprise, has become the most prominent advocate of corporate bailouts in American history.Reagan also under-minded the alternative energy programs which made Europe way ahead of us in that field.The empowerment and widespread exercise of citizenship is a prerequisite for a sound, democratic society. Revolution empowers more people. It reduces the severe concentration of power and information, and that lifts a nation into a real democracy with Social Justice everywhere in the world. Our history has demonstrated that the well-being of society springs from the growth of daily, active citizenship that provides an enabling environment for good leaders to come forward. Every significant social movement m this century has sprung from activist citizens fighting for their causes – human rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, environmental and consumer protection, peace.Don’t forget to buy socialist Stuff:


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