Open Letter to Micheal Moore

Dear Michael Moore:

I respect you work, and I am a huge fan of yours. How ever I wonder about you politically.
You asked America years ago to support Nader. And they did to some degree.
Your Documentaries, and exposures where on the money. Good work.
Michael, here is my advise. Perpetuate joining, or start a real Democratic Socialist Party here in the USA.

I have no idea why you taught Gore or Nader as Socialists. They are not. Obama was your choice in 2008. Many feel in eight years he will not deliver the goods. I believe, like the Democrats of old, he will bring in programs on a stretcher. Elites, only represents the elites.

Michael, you had the power and the strength in your media power to start a Socialist Party or revive and old one. You seem to be looking for Socialism in all the wrong places.

When I was eleven, after meeting the Democrats I had an inkling that they where a party of phonies. At least the Republicans are honest about being elitists.

The Democrats haven’t spoke about socialist issues and seem no different than the Republicans.

Hilary said minimum wage should be $9.00 and hour. Socialists believe in a maximum wage.
Obama said we have been talking about Health Care for twenty years. We socialists have been speaking about it for ever.

How about the Universal Income? You speak about it in your book, even Nixon was a proponent. Yet, no one has spoken of a guaranteed income since it was defeated in the Senate in 1972.

So Mike, are we going to wake up and smell the coffee? Can we start a real Socialist Party now? Maybe we can Nader to join. He could stop called the Socialist Party USA Norman Thomas’s Party.

With that Mike keep up the good work. Maybe we will even fight oppressive ballot access laws in America. How about a film about Socialism and Democracy in Europe?

Conservatives hate Europeanisms. That is because in Europe the solve problems and Socialist Politics is for the people. Democracy!

Socialists may have had their failures, but at least their successes have been grand. Unlike the so called Socialists (Democrats) in America. They are not and never will be, and liberals are as elitist as conservatives. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


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