Work 101

One thing I cannot gather is the Work Ethic. People who worship work. I believe the reason people worship work is because they have empty lives with no talent or creativity. That is not saying work is bad. Work is a good thing.

As the saying goes, with out work, the art suffers. That means if we commit ourselves to working on our endeavors, we can do excellent things. The work ethic should be excellence of execution. It should be doing what we aspire.

We live in a world that demands work enforcement. Everyone wants everyone else to work at the chain stores, The fast food joints, and retail operations, and the mindless mind numbing jobs because each of us subscribes to a poisonous work ethic. Capitalism isn’t about fulfilling our aspirations, it is about controlling people. It is about service.

But what about all those people who’s dreams have come true? What about all those people who have become successful entrepreneurs? What about the rewards of Capitalism? The rewards are actually few and far between.

OK, sometimes the system works. But the rate of success and attainment is still only 10%. Why? Because we are forced to work.

Now let me correct myself. There is a difference between work and a job. A Job is where you are forced to go and do things for the sake of money, which will not even cover living a life or attainment of all things humane. Frequently people work 70 hours a week to make ends meet. There is no quality to life.

Many people do work with out pay. In my example I was forced to take care of my sick father, do painting and landscaping, help my senior neighbors. All without pay. A quality Universal Income would have help me with getting paid for the work I was doing.

So, people seem to work with out getting paid for it. Since our money is is paid out by the US government and not corporations, being tied into corporate pay is slavery. Each person in the world works at something. House work, looking for a job, cutting your grass, helping your community.

The problem, there is no endless supply of jobs. There never was and never will be. And yet, most nations of this world keep their people down and out because they to control their populace.

Wealthy women get millions of dollars when divorcing their husbands for doing work they do not even do themselves. Judges reward millions of dollars to these women as if they worked in coal mines. We should all have it so bad. Yet the world looks down on welfare mothers. People who have no money to raise their families.

People should be able to collect Universal Income with out the government controlling their lives and relegating people to jobs they do not want. But than again, people aren’t getting a living wage, nor a living social security. While billionaires are getting billions in free money from the government, who is going to bail out the people? No one in the two party government. Which is why we should join adequate socialist parties.

The money is there for a Universal Income and all other social programs.

Than there is the continuation of wealth. The is the son of a millionaire who is an artist. A fairly horrible one to say. But his father, a wealthy Los Angeles Capitalist, pays for his art to be exhibited and he has contacts around the world in which his son displays his crappy art.

When we thing of the millions of talented people out there who are working at drug stores, chain stores, and mindless crappy jobs, they do not have families who could buy their success.

Success today is bought and paid for. Many people will not become successful or even fulfill their aspirations because they come from the wrong segment of society. A segment of society whose only guilt is coming from a working class family.

During the cold war we where told that in communist countries that peoples lives where controlled. They had no freedoms, and could not even become what they wanted. The government would even regulate them to jobs they had no choice of getting. But this has always been the case in America too. If you are a wage slave, it certainly isn’t the America that was promised.


Than there as the peace dividend. After the cold war we where suppose to have livable lives. quality jobs and better pay and social progress.

This never happened, when Ronald Reagan was elected, we went from a creditor nation to a debtor nation. Our future has been under mind and we now have conservative values that dehumanize people.

“You are what you do.” “You are your job.” “Without a job you are nothing.” “Hard work builds character.”

(it doesn’t)

People are forever relegated to the bottom. People have no access to education or a way to fulfill their aspirations. People can make there aspirations there work with a Universal Income.

That starving artist working at the crap jobs can be an artist, and the artist can work at his craft and display his artistry, people can develop their talents be be who they where suppose to be. People can share thiner talents with the world.

Eugene V Debs said, ” I wish the Industries would use their patents so they can have machines to do the work of people, and we can compete as artists do.”

It isn’t just about artists, how about writers, or someone who may wish to spread their religious word

and cultivate their spirituality. (Soteasan) Chung Bil Park once said, “As industrial society develops, cultivate spiritual society.”

Your free time could be your work. How many people have turned there hobbies into businesses? How many people have stands at Flea Markets (Swap Meets)?

A Livable Universal Income would allow this. Along with a living wage and benefits.

Not all work is bad work. Some estimate that 75% of all jobs are useless. But than again, how many people would make great Doctors, lawyers, Para-medics, Infrastructure Repair people.

There is a great future for jobs, yet many people will be left out. The will have a lack of education, come from the wrong University of College, come from the wrong segment of society. The truth is there is always a disposable segment of society where people are not seen as human beings.

Educations should be free. We should aim for a more free and equal society. One that sustain peoples self esteem and gives people a worthy life.

The mindless mind numbing jobs and the dirty jobs should be done by teenagers. Sort of as a life boot camp so they can appreciate the good jobs. Life should be a bit difficult in the early years so that we can grow and love what we do in the future.

Work and jobs are not bad things, our approach to them is what is wrong. One economist once said in the future, there will be to workers at a factory. A Man and a Dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep man away from machines.

Jobs grow and evolve with history and man. Now is the time for human history to evolve and deliver a more promising life.

The future can be bright, we have many social problems. These can be solved. No job should be seen as a permanent job because life changes and the needs of life and the machinery of society changes with it.

Sad to say the dream jobs are just for people who are well connected.

In the future I believe the Internet and computers will set bus free,w e can work at out Artisan-ship through this media because there will be, eventually enough room for everyone.

How ever the big corporations still dominate taking the luster and effort away from all. Cities and communities are run buy corporations leaving the little guy out. Our Work in the future will be in the activism to change the world and deliver us into a real democracy away from a corporate dominated world.

One cannot say work is bad. It took work to create this article. work has beneficial effects of helping us commune with society, make new friends and have some old ones. It achieves getting needed tasks done. Sometimes, if not more often to the benefit of society.






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