The Universal Income



The Universal Income or Basic Income Grant isa concept dreived from people like John Locke in the 1800’s. Out side of National Healt Care, the UI is the most important political initiative of our time.

Mostly Jobs are mindless, boring people management jobs. And they pay very low, wage slavery is still in existence.

The welfare system is also slavery. People work for free in State and County pimping operations.

There is also an argument that it would bankrupt the country. This Nation seems to have money for everything. $250,000,000,000 for Corporations to big to fail. Another

$150,000,000,000 for Automotive industry. NJ Governor Whitman gave Steve Wynn

$20,000,000 not to build the Mirage Casino. There seems to be plenty of money for Capitalists, but none for the people.

We should be fighting for the universal Income, a livable Social Security. ( ALong with Sustainable and Livable Communities and social programs that work.

90% of people min this world live in poverty. In the United States the Success rate is still 90%, which means most of us never get opportunities.

We cannot make everyone a millionaire, and not everyone can be a brain surgeon.

But should we manage and perpetuate surplus population?

This isn’t mere Utopia.

Here is how we can eliminate poverty all together.

1. Enact the UI.

2. Perpetuate a Public Works Program

( Americorps/Vista Volunteers)

3. Reduce the work hour to 30 hurs.

4. Introduce a living wage.

5. Make it our mission to build livable sustainable communities.


Wont the Universal Income make us lazy, where will the initiative to work be?

People wish to fulfill their aspirations. This means people get paid for personal productivity. I took care of my sick father 15 years. I never saw a dime for it.

I done personal work and shouldn’t I be paid for it? Being tied to a job and getting paid by a Corporation is a form of slavery. It is people management by the Government in behalf of Corporations.

But people will not appreciate things because they didn’t earn them!

The government isn’t the attitude police.

Aren’t the factories coming back?

Snap out of it, the industrial age is over. Factories suck to work in anyway.

One economist once said, a factory of the future will have two employees. a man and a dog. The man will feed the dog, and the dog will keep man away from machines.

The big thing is deskilling of labor. Work evolves and old jobs disappear. Robotics and Automation will take over.

Even non Socialists are writing books Like “Work Sucks” and “Killing the 40 hour work week.”

If Chinese and Slave labor where not economical, all factories would be mechanized.

What are some of the benefits of the UI?


Well, you will not be in perpetual poverty. Lets look at others.

1. Your Brother in Law can live in his own.

2. Your Mother or Mother In-law will not be forced to move in with you.

3. The Crime rate will plummet.

4. You can make rent with out worry.

5. Your Ex will not need alimony.

6. You will not have to support you Parents.

( A Livable Social Security will fix that)

7. You’ll be free to afford to leave your Job

8. You can afford to eat.

9. You afford transportation.

10. You can have a dignified life with out becoming the government bitch.


Also, it creates jobs to economic stimulation But we will need regulations like price control and price gouging. And we need to control the Republicans who will try and undermine all this.

Martin Luther King said,” I cannot see how not installing a Income For all will not lead to emancipation. I seen thing else that could heal poverty.” See a good old socialist handout is a good thing. Our next mission is the Universal income. Deploy Forces!






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