The Future

Welcome to The Dissident blog. This started out as a website back in 1999 but had been suspended. No time.

My name is Tino Rozzo. One of the most censored Writers in America. The news papers will not publish most of my writings. FEAR!


Anyway,as an opening, I will say this. America has no strong Socialist Party. One that is both Social Democratic and Socialist. Socialism in America is too Urbane and Intellectual. We need something that grasps hometown USA along with the Cities.


We also live in an age of ignorance. America is a Nation of trends and insincerity. How could we build a Socialist movement with such a large cultural failure. Americans live in a insensitive, isolated world of selfishness. The Libertarian and National Tax Payer Party are are largest Alternative Parties. We are Joking Right?) Than the news media pushes two dead Parties, The Natural Law and Reform Parties.


So how can we foster change? We must grow larger. We need to grow and organization as large as the Democrats and Republicans. We need a machine that will get us there.


Most Socialist Parties splinter and splinter. There is no future plans for promotion or outreach.

They can not seem to get past the last protest.


We need a Party that is a forward Socialist Party. One digestible to all people. One that is Part of the Socialist International.


We have founded, or re-founded an Old Party. One close to Eugene V Debs and Norman Thomas. The Socialist Party of America. There is another though they do not consider themselves Socialist. The Labor Party.


Socialism has a future, though it will be tough. With the election of Barak Obama, the Democrats may deliver some Socialist Programs. But the Democrats have let us down before.

When Norman Thomas was asked how he felt about the Democrats bring in Socialist Programs he said, “They brought them in…in a Coffin.


The Reagan Administration pulled apart the New Deal and Great Society programs leaving us in misery. The Democrats where complicit. Our Nation almost lost its Democracy in the Patriot Act.


With Obama in office, the Democrats will once again win over people with a pretense of Socialism. We will not have what they have in Europe. But this will hurt the Alternative Party movement.


We must not give up. We must not have a One or two Party System. We must still fight for Democracy.





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